Blind Man and the WSOP

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01-07-2007 07:11:48


I saw on the news today that the WSOP is revoking his seat because he needs an extra seat for his friend to whisper the cards into his ear.

I think that's a bunch of bullshit. So I started an i-petition.



01-07-2007 07:18:15

Oh and if anybody knows of other foums that they frequent it would be great to pass this petition onto those forums.

I'm gonna wait till the petition gets a few signatures and then direct the WSOP to it.


01-07-2007 07:37:47

i understand where they are comming from though, it would not only take up an extra seat which can not happen due to the packed room of thousands, plus the fact that it would take him much more time than the other players and slow down the play...


01-07-2007 16:46:23

I agree with the decision. No different than a fatass having to pay for two airplane tickets.


03-07-2007 07:58:40

no it's way different you jackass.

You can control your weight.

Last I heard, they don't make a visor like Jordie on Star Trek had.

The organization should let the whole table play with braille cards (they have markings on them too). If the blind man can't read braille, then they have another situation. He shouldn't be kicked out because he needs a whisper guy.


07-07-2007 14:03:18


[quote20699f0f26]Jason Holbrook Flying Blind

Close your eyes and imagine playing the Main Event of the WSOP... completely in the dark. Jason Holbrook is doing it right now.

Watching Holbrook play poker is an amazing feat to behold. He is blind and has a female assistant who sits beside him to whisper in his ear what his hole cards are and give him a running commentary on the flop, turn, and river. Beyond that, she relates what each player is doing in hands he is not involved in so he can get an understanding of the flow of the game. Holbrook is focused, with his head down, and is listening to everything, with his chips lined up in front of them, organized by denomination.

Our hats are off to one of the Main Event's most amazing players.[/quote20699f0f26]


07-07-2007 14:12:24

It will be overturned. This is discrimination. They need to allow "reasonable accommodation" and they can certainly move the guy so he's looking over his shoulder or something so that they can have the correct number of players.


07-07-2007 17:55:16


Jason Holbrook Eliminated

Jason Holbrook, who made quite a showing today for playing in the WSOP Main Event legally blind, has just been eliminated.

Holbrook flopped top pair against a single opponent, who happened to pick up a straight flush draw. Holbrook moved all-in and his opponent called. The turn completed his opponent's straight, and the river gave him a flush as well. It was clear as Holbrook exited, that he had earned the utmost respect from the players at his table.[/quotee544ecedc9]


07-07-2007 19:55:29

i feel stupid for signing the petition, now.


07-07-2007 22:28:15

that is pretty damn impressive to play at that high of a level and not be able to read your opponents.


07-07-2007 22:32:30

I wonder if he's going to be playing Blind mans Bluff...


08-07-2007 10:15:20

[quoted74d300dc6="samz465"]I wonder if he's going to be playing Blind mans Bluff...[/quoted74d300dc6]

not funny.
are u going to play " I'm an insensitive prick?"


08-07-2007 11:01:01

[quote88709aeaea="jy3"][quote88709aeaea="samz465"]I wonder if he's going to be playing Blind mans Bluff...[/quote88709aeaea]

not funny.
are u going to play " I'm an insensitive prick?"[/quote88709aeaea]

Lighten up... this is the internet.


08-07-2007 23:43:36

[quote8306d8a4ea="jy3"][quote8306d8a4ea="samz465"]I wonder if he's going to be playing Blind mans Bluff...[/quote8306d8a4ea]

not funny.
are u going to play " I'm an insensitive prick?"[/quote8306d8a4ea]
That was completely in good fun...I didn't mean anything by it.
Sorry about that.



08-07-2007 23:49:35

it really wasn't that funny.

But it wasn't "insensitive." Some people just have to lighten up.


08-07-2007 23:51:17

[quote2809f05af3="nobody2000"]it really wasn't that funny.

But it wasn't "insensitive." Some people just have to lighten up.[/quote2809f05af3]
I didn't expect it to be an "lol" thing, it was more of a smart remark.



09-07-2007 14:30:49

Poker is a "one man's game."

The rules state that a player my have no help from another individual, period.

Rules is rules.


13-07-2007 15:16:29

i knew there was another blind guy in the tourney and i knew he had RP, this is the best story i've seen about him so far