how does one become staff on sites?

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29-06-2007 17:29:34

just does someone become support staff on site? i spend a lot of time on comp..and was looking for a little extra income/benefits...whatever..would love to become support for a really reputable does this happen?


29-06-2007 17:36:16

Just ask site owners, but most sites that already have a reputation aren't in need of support, so just ask around with new sites.


29-06-2007 17:36:21

You just get chosen? ? shrug


29-06-2007 18:11:02

x323smostwantedx you are the chosen one pm me for more details!


29-06-2007 19:54:50

You just have to know people I guess...
I'm friends with a few site owners and have received requests to be part of their support team.
However I declined all except one where I worked as staff for about a week then quit.
It didn't interest me much.


29-06-2007 20:15:51

One does not simply walk into mordor.


29-06-2007 20:26:23

[quote7767557763="Iloveipods2"]One does not simply walk into mordor.[/quote7767557763]
Haha Good one.

+km4z y0


01-07-2007 00:43:08

Good question. I was going to start working for thisstuffisfree and than all hell broke out with that network.

I guess you just get lucky. I haven't seen a single site advertising that they where hiring on there own sites. Olny from time to time dose anybody actually state that there hiring.

If theres any network out there thats looking support personal, let me know. I'm very intrested.

Bryan R

01-07-2007 07:21:34

Ya this is a very good question. I would like be in the select group, too.

Bryan R

K2F Owner

01-07-2007 08:38:18

Hmm... We could make a part in my website for other owners to see who is avaiable for hire. Think of it as an employment opportunity. Who is interested?

aim k2fsupport


01-07-2007 10:44:34

Sounds like a great idea K2F.


01-07-2007 11:44:38

I'll work... Im always online.


01-07-2007 14:47:13

[quoteea19c1236f="Iloveipods2"]One does not simply walk into mordor.[/quoteea19c1236f]

Yes you totally do

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02-07-2007 10:01:59

Godrockdj That was so fucking great.

You earn +Karma.


02-07-2007 10:19:42

people IM me all the time asking if i'll hire them. but i'd have to be REALLY busy before i pass off any responsibilities to someone else


02-07-2007 10:36:14

Another way is to establish yourself as a helpful and courteous person ... much like I did here. There isn't really a set way that a person becomes a support member.


02-07-2007 11:46:54

hahaha, that was awesome, the highlight of my day!!

[quote56d5b48499="Godrockdj"][quote56d5b48499="Iloveipods2"]One does not simply walk into mordor.[/quote56d5b48499]

Yes you totally do

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02-07-2007 11:52:35

I was hoping someone would get that reference(lol didn't expect GodRock to be the one). there's a bunch out there. I'll see if I can find any others.

EDIT found 2 of them!

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[img="fd8a335c29]http/" alt=""/"523/5428/danceintomordoreo8.gif[" alt=""/imgfd8a335c29]


02-07-2007 21:47:53

i have worked hard on a4f to establish myself..trying here now..but just curious if this is something that kinda falls upon one..or what? ANY SITES OUT THERE LOOKING...GET AHOLD OF ME!! I AM CONSTANTLY ONLINE..WOULD LOVE THE CHANCE TO PROVE MYSELF!