Quick PayPal question

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27-06-2007 11:25:58

Okay, so I've been wondering. If I have $0 in my PayPal account and I have my debit card and bank account linked to my PayPal account (with money and both being the same account) can I pay for something instantly? i.e. no e-check crap?

I don't know if that made any sense or not, but I won an ebay auction and I have the money but it's in my checking account. By having my debit card linked to my paypal, will paypal pay instantly?



27-06-2007 11:29:16

It will do an Instant Transfer I believe


27-06-2007 11:29:29

yes your cc should be your backup funding option for paypal purchases. Just go through with your purchase and it should show you to use the cc as the back up source.


27-06-2007 11:30:10

Yes, if there is a credit or debit card linked to your Paypal, it will take the funds from there if there isn't enough in Paypal )


27-06-2007 11:36:43

Yey! It worked.

Thanks everyone )


27-06-2007 14:09:21

One thing is that my bank sometimes charges me a fee for instant transfers from my bank to my paypal..however it IS very small like 25 cents or so for the ENTIRE month...