happy birthday to me.

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25-06-2007 00:46:12

the big 18. I can go to jail for life now.

anyway, not too big of a celebration, gonna work from 8am-430pm (training for checker!!), just got back from a weekend excursion, so yeah.

I'm also gonna hit up the smoke shop get me some cigars.

Gonna have cake and ice cream.. umm.. anndd I'm also going to get myself a 2-year contract with Verizon and a nice cell, and maybe sign up for some credit cards.

Exciting, huh?


25-06-2007 00:57:05

Welcome to adulthood. Enjoy. wink


25-06-2007 01:12:03

Sound like you'll have a blast. Enjoy it!! Take out some cake and ice-cream for me.


25-06-2007 02:22:05

happy birthday and enjoy


25-06-2007 02:58:38

Damn. You were here at 14. GearLive too, IIRC. You're the closest thing we have to an FiPG Truman Show. )

Happy birthday. http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/74efd078b00308251bfa14679c084a78.gif[" alt=""/img52a1535410]


25-06-2007 06:25:38

Happy birthday Chexy cheer


25-06-2007 06:52:46

happy birthday youngin ;)


25-06-2007 06:58:08

Happy Birthday to you!!!! D


25-06-2007 07:06:52

Yep...Happy Birthday! After this one, you'll have 21 to look forward to then it's pretty much anti-climatic after that )

Cigars only? No lotto tickets or porn? lol
enjoy...and don't get TOO many credit cards!


25-06-2007 07:26:10

Now that you mention it, I'll try my luck with a lotto ticket.

And I was actually here at 15, Tholek. But you were close P. (I forgot about Gearlive!)

[edit] i'm embarrassed now, I didn't even know! sorry Tholek!!


25-06-2007 10:34:46

[quote1f17f8efea="EatChex89"]Now that you mention it, I'll try my luck with a lotto ticket.

And I was actually here at 15, Wolfeman. But you were close P. (I forgot about Gearlive!)[/quote1f17f8efea]

I think you owe Tholek an apology.

Happy Birthday though.


25-06-2007 10:42:55

Ah.. I remember gear live. Crazy days.


25-06-2007 14:12:30

Happy birthday man.


25-06-2007 14:43:29

have fun waiting till you are 21 ( the happiness of cigars and porn wears off after about a week... but don't forget loto tickets, they give you enjoyment for a while too shrug


25-06-2007 16:58:03

my birthday is the 27th, our parents must have been banging around the same time. I Love having a summer birthday


25-06-2007 20:39:43

S'ok, I've got a bit of a beard at the moment anyway. I can understand being mistaken for his fuzziness. ;)


26-06-2007 00:24:25

So my day was a success.

I didn't ask for anything and got

A 2.5lb bag of jelly belly jelly beans. (YUM!)
A small office swivel chair for my room area (previously used uncomfortable wooden chair)
3 stoagies (me and my dad are going to smoke a couple tomorrow, or shortly..)
A shirt
$25 Starbucks gift card
and a case of Coca-Cola Blak

I also got a pair of swim trunks from my sister and a $35 pac-sun gift card from her boyfriend, who is also my friend.
A bag of jolly ranchers from my little bro
And a Fantasy 5 ticket from the cigarette shop lady (where I bought my black & milds today).

I bought $5 worth of Fantasy 5, Super Lotto, and Mega Millions ($15 total) and two $3 scratcher cards.

I also got myself a brand new plan with Verizon and was actually approved (I must have credit somewhere!!)

So yeah, a lot of stuff!

I also thank each of you for wishing me a happy birthday, as it truly was! )

sandra habina

26-06-2007 01:07:54

Oh happy birthday dear. How I wish I could be young again. HA - I would settle for a young 40. LOL

Glad to hear you had a wonderful day.