What Do You See?

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24-06-2007 20:59:37

I know what I saw when I took these pictures, but I want to know what YOU see!

http//a340.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/127/l_9bef905aedfa41ee5f98d612e37409d3.jpg[" alt=""/img9125e4dbd3]

[img="9125e4dbd3]http//a366.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/103/l_a65fe85c6b539e560acadae80f3237f5.jpg[" alt=""/img9125e4dbd3]

[img="9125e4dbd3]http//a851.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/100/l_a9f1bfa73566a1272ce5d292c6bfbc32.jpg[" alt=""/img9125e4dbd3]

[img="9125e4dbd3]http//a47.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/79/l_447f953400030f09095f242cbc94cf86.jpg[" alt=""/img9125e4dbd3]

[img="9125e4dbd3]http//a960.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/93/l_0e51d2e478a02d64531ae87d508c3a47.jpg[" alt=""/img9125e4dbd3]

If you have any pictures of clouds, or if you take any, post them here! I carry my camera everywhere I go, so I'll be posting more as I see them. D


24-06-2007 21:10:11

Super Mario bros? Where you on shrooms or something?


24-06-2007 21:16:49

i see clouds



24-06-2007 21:17:00

No.. Just wanted people to use some imagination D


24-06-2007 21:35:19

Yeah...sorry....I just see clouds too.

Bryan R

24-06-2007 22:27:15

Where do you live ldybug1752? Nice and green looks like around here, just without the blue sky.

Bryan R lol


24-06-2007 22:28:38

were you in a car?


24-06-2007 22:35:00

1 - nothing at all
2 - the batman symbol on the far left
3 - a lobster
4 - nothing
5 - nothing

so what did you see?...


24-06-2007 22:38:45

h3x exhaling.


24-06-2007 23:44:46

1. Dinosaur-type heads eating trees (left), face with big white mustache (bottom left), Golden G"eight" (gate) bridge next to an upside-down face of god on a mountain (right)

2. Person with a snail for a bottom-lip looking out of a circular window (left), lion with an extended bottom lip, no paws/feet, just a body (right)

3. The top half of an eyeball (with the other half still covered.. eye "peaking out" next to a small sports car/convertible with devil horns

4. A pterodactyl face with angels hovering over

5. A music note/sound that was created using some unknown instrument that has since been lost in time. Since it hasn't been played in a long time, it is deteriorating and will soon cease to exist and never be played again.


25-06-2007 00:59:56

I see a Rorschach inkblot test.


25-06-2007 01:19:56

Sorry I tried, but I don't see anything. I don't want to get too abstract.


25-06-2007 06:43:46

@Bryan - I live in Binghamton, NY. There's LOTS of trees here.
@zdub - Yes, I was in a car.

Anyways..here's what I saw )

1- a dog balloon animal or a poddle

2- a pirhana about to eat a duck

3- the biggest cowboy hat ever

4- at first it was the energizer bunny, but by the time i got my camera out, it was a dinosaur begging for treats

5- a bong, with a HUGE smoke cloud coming out of it..


25-06-2007 12:40:29

1. the world

thats the only one i could pick something out of without taking much time shrug


25-06-2007 19:28:06

I kinda thought the first one looked like a hand holding a gavel about to pound it on the little thing.

(Hand on left with end of judge sleeve showing. Little pound thingy on the bottom right.)



25-06-2007 19:32:52

Third one is definitely a crab.


25-06-2007 20:15:08

clouds....lol. seriously, sometimes i do see things, but those pics didnt say anything to me

sandra habina

26-06-2007 01:31:57

Sorry - the only one I could see was #3 a crab, cowboy hat or a giant bullfrog with really fat legs. Nice pics tho. Send more.


06-07-2007 18:05:47

1 is a french poodle standing on its back legs


06-07-2007 19:03:51

Can I buy some drugs from you?


06-07-2007 19:14:09

1. Clouds
2. Clouds
3. Clouds
4. More clouds
5. Even more clouds


06-07-2007 20:27:34

Diablo was banned?!?


06-07-2007 22:09:21

I think he bought a custom title and changed his avatar, lol


07-07-2007 07:25:22

[quote89cbb5b919="tylerc"]I think he bought a custom title and changed his avatar, lol[/quote89cbb5b919]

D lol yep


07-07-2007 21:36:21

1.) yeah a see the poodle....but his middle is floating away! shock
2.) hmm...i see clouds
3.) ooo in the middle of the clouds....i can picture an alligator head...two eyeballs and a big nose open alittle bit
4.) side view of a witch with big nose and funny hat....tip toeing around to get ya!
5.) bahaha....if you turn it sideways...it looks like a spermy!! lol

I wuv clouds! I will try to take some pics too! wink


08-07-2007 18:37:46

I think the third one looks like a space ship!


08-07-2007 21:45:42

#4 kinda looks like a rabbit down on its haunches.


08-07-2007 21:47:41

[quote1d09d0c68e="tylerc"]I think he bought a custom title and changed his avatar, lol[/quote1d09d0c68e]




08-07-2007 21:55:49

http/" alt=""/img243.imageshack.us/img="243/8036/bearva1.jpg[" alt=""/img519d1732ef]
bear reaching out arm D


09-07-2007 00:06:54

bear reaching out arm D[/quote05e8e558b1]

That literally made me lol. D D Love the artwork!


09-07-2007 01:58:06

I think I'm gonna do #5 too... I'm trying to stay up all night so I'll be tired at a normal time tomorrow. Then I can start sleeping like a normal person ?

edit here it is.. mario on yoshi!

http/" alt=""/img375.imageshack.us/img="375/9333/yoshiov3.jpg[" alt=""/imgfe3ab92d93]


09-07-2007 08:21:33

I see Slurms McKinzee in one of them.


09-07-2007 08:51:45

[quotecb8d51ccb7="tracemhunter"]I see Slurms McKinzee in one of them.[/quotecb8d51ccb7]

hahahahaha that's frickin awesome D D