Buying car online?

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24-06-2007 16:58:35



24-06-2007 17:42:59

car looks nice......but if you are close to the seller you should go check it out for yourself

never buy a car without driving it first


24-06-2007 17:47:48

very nice choice

<< honda head here.

the price isnt bad and the 7th gen civic was very solid.

salvage title in ny is a big turn off and will kill off value

dont purchase a salvage vehicle without looking at it trust me.

Bryan R

24-06-2007 19:11:49

I would be very skeptical about this one. It says it is a salvaged title. So just how much damage has it seen? I would not buy it without first test driving it and taking a very careful look inside and out. That is alot of cash to shell out for damaged goods.

Bryan R