No more manual credits? How bad is this?

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24-06-2007 10:21:22

I may be a little late with this one, so forgive me if it has been discussed already. I was just told that there will be no more manual credit requests allowed on any freebie site. Is this really bad or not that big of a deal? Is this going to threaten the freebie world? It has made me hesitant to join another site. Some info from someone with inside knowledge would really help. I have made some good money doing this, & I don't want to see it end.



24-06-2007 10:29:40

It's not that bad, most of the MCR got denied anyways.


24-06-2007 11:02:31

and they take forever and a day


24-06-2007 11:23:58

The Freebie Life is allowing one (1) MCR credit per person.

see our full post in our subforum


24-06-2007 12:08:59

for me it seems like about 1/2 the offers I do credit nearly instantly
about 10% take a few days
and the rest never do credit

going green seems to nearly always end up costing me twice as much $ as is should have
if not for the hope of buying in greens to get thows fantastic prizes
I would have trashed this business long ago
but buying greens isn't working out nearly as well as expected either
90% of the time people PM me saying they want to do it
then just up and disappear without doing anything

anyway back to the subject of MCR's
I have put in several of them
has yet to work out
maybe it's because im in Canada and find there are so few I can do to begin with
but I feel like 1/3 of the offers are just scams that never to credit
and now that sites are refusing MCR's
it feels to me like they are just looking for an easier way to rip us off

I realize by the time an offers $ get's to me it has passed through so many hands that if any of the offers are scams they are soon removed by the people we running these sites
but no MCR's anymore (even if they didn't work)
that is a really bad sign

im still cinda new
in that I have yet to see even one prize
and im vary hopeful that this will last another 50 years ( id love to turn buying greens into an ongoing income)
but im worried im gona have a bunch of paid greens at 5-6 sites
and then the whole thing will just collapse and ill lose everything I have invested in it



Are you saying you can get credit for one MCR per person
Or are you paying it out of your own pocket ?
If your paying it yourself im (highly) impressed that you would do that
But concerned that you will be flooded by people claiming they did a big one that makes them green


Like im not saying there isnít fraud out there they need to deal with
Im saying blocking all MCRís is not dealing with it
Itís just changing who is doing the frauding
I am all for improving the TCR system to prevent Fraud (would make the hole business last longer)
But I am completely againced removing it completely
That will scare away the honest people, invite more scam offers,
Encourage people running the sites to just say they didnít get credit and keep the $ for them selves.
Without some way of proving we have earned the credit (and getting it)
I think this business can only go down hill
And is likely will go down fast


24-06-2007 12:20:17

yes its out of my pocket but no, i still require full headers (and yes i can tell if theyre fake)


24-06-2007 12:27:38

well you would see enough real ones to know what they look like

I don't see why the offer companies dont just check the order id and make sure it has not allready been crdited to another site
should be a simple matter to make a fool proof system for MCR's
if they wanted to


24-06-2007 13:04:44

I forgive you, but next time use the search button.


24-06-2007 13:10:00

Thanks, ajasax. I appreciate you finding and linking to that thread.