Custom laser cutting service online that accepts CADs

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23-06-2007 19:33:59

Alright so I am thinking about machining some parts for an iPod video and maybe a Nano but I was wondering if anyone knows of any dimension guides or schematics I could possibly use. It requires so much precision that I was looking for pre-made CAD drawings. Anyone who can find me what I am looking for will receive $5 paypal. I am desperate!


24-06-2007 08:42:31

alright i actually spent last night making some CAD drawings of the iPod and was wondering if anyone knew a service where you could select the material and they would cut it for you?


24-06-2007 13:39:55

I dont have an answer for you....

but if you are going to make custom ipod cases let me know

I've seen your work with cell phones and would be very interested in checking these out

good luck


24-06-2007 14:59:42

ill give you a hint.......wood


24-06-2007 15:35:20

sweet, as soon as you are up and running PM me