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22-06-2007 09:50:56

anyone else watch this show?
anyone else blown away by the fact that this show will likely be cancelled?
It seems to me to be the only show that deals with modern problems in an honest way. It makes political statements from both sides. it is also a comedy
over the last 3 weeks it has dealt with
1. The Iraq war
2. 911
3. Iraq #2
4. prisoner of war
5. out of wedlock babies
6. media selective coverage and crisis-creation
7. complications of child birth
8. sexual harassment

and in an honest, real way
i think the media companies are insane
well, maybe not them. looking at the data people dont watch it.
it is insane that people do not watch this show...
imho, best show on tv but sadly the viewers dont agree


22-06-2007 10:47:13

Yeah, you can't blame NBC, they gave the show a good shot. They've also given shows like friday night lights a second chance even though the ratings sucked for them too. Still, I think NBC sucks at promoting their shows. Even though I liked Heroes, the way they were selling it after it was already going well sucked and I was wondering if they'd ruin that show as well.

I might have watched this show if I knew it was interesting but in general, the majority of TV viewers don't care about the issues. Let's face it, they prefer to watch crap like American Idol (sorry to all the AI watchers).

I'm just glad CBS is bringing back Jericho.


22-06-2007 21:41:16

One of the better shows on TV. Same guy that did West Wing.

If you haven't watched this show give it chance, its good

(glad I'm not the only one that watches) ;)


22-06-2007 21:54:36

I didn't even know it came back, I liked the show too.


23-06-2007 16:25:45

Love the show! Can't wait to see what happens this week!


23-06-2007 17:47:27

I didn't know it was back either.....guess I spend too much time on the laptop...LOL

I liked the show when I saw it earlier in the season. There is not much good TV on anymore....


23-06-2007 18:12:31

yeah thats what is crazy. good shows get cancelled or close to it
sons and daughters
love monkey
friday night lights
studio 60