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21-06-2007 15:58:59

Does anyone have one? I'm looking to buy a 26''/27'' or 32'' lcd hdtv. I know there are the 40$ off 199$ and 10% off coupons floating around out there. If anyone has some let me know please. Also how did you get them? Thanks


21-06-2007 16:45:44

Try the forums at


21-06-2007 21:46:14

wow thanks ttholek!!! thats some good inifo!! im buying external harddrive tommorrow!!!


21-06-2007 21:53:48

Who doesn't go to SD for that stuff first?


21-06-2007 22:11:37

[quoteb493416d99="ILoveToys"]Who doesn't go to SD for that stuff first?[/quoteb493416d99]

I just fouund out about SD just now lol! anoother good info!! this is whaat I call Hookups!


21-06-2007 22:34:03

I already did that SlickDeals route 2 days ago