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19-06-2007 20:14:55

I have been wanting to try this and was curious if anyone else has. Do they sell it it bottles, cans or what? I would enjoy a 12 pack of 12 oz bottles, can you buy it like this and does anyone know price ranges?


19-06-2007 20:22:55

it comes in 6 packs mostly. I usually pour mine in a glass to drink. Also it isn't a sipping beer, you need to take long gulps, to really get the full taste in. Price is about $7 6 pack here


19-06-2007 20:30:00

Forget the cans and bottles... On tap is the only way to drink a Guinness.


19-06-2007 21:42:25

Another option would be to not drink when you're underage shrug

If you choose to do so, drink the bottles and the cans out of the can, as the widget is meant to nitrogenate the beer in the container with each sip. If you pour out the beer from the bottle or can, you lose quite a bit of the nitrogenation (I don't think there's very much in the liquid itself). That's the reason h3x suggests getting it out of a tap.


20-06-2007 04:00:31

A final option would have been to respond to the countless PMs you've received from traders who have problems with you...