Looking for a good site to get a PSP

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19-06-2007 18:20:09

I was doing games.123 but then i was put on hold for logging on on my friends computer so i need to find a site that does psps.



19-06-2007 18:24:00

you can custom order one on any freebie site basically.


19-06-2007 18:40:34

YGF FTW!!!11!eleven!


20-06-2007 07:19:46

You didn't specify in the topic that you were solely interested in getting one from a FREEBIE site, so...

Go HERE[=http//www.colourful-zone.com/]HERE. I got a blue PSP, downgraded to firmware 1.5, a 4GB memory stick, plus a couple accessories, and shipped (express!) to Canada for UNDER $400. There's gold ones, white ones, all the ones you can't get in North America D It's a China-based site, so the English isn't that great. But I got mine from there, so I know they're legit.

As far as a freebie site goes? Any of 'em D


20-06-2007 07:26:18

sony.v-bux has them for 2 refs


20-06-2007 07:37:43

Gaming.MJRewardz.com has 'em for 5. Easy site.


20-06-2007 09:03:40

i'll throw in a $20 game if you get one from my site ;) because the price on the PSP fell, and so now the price doesn't divide by $40 very well, so i can add a $20 game and still give em away for 5 refs )