Test for the word nothing *** SEARCH BUG ***

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18-06-2007 21:14:33

I am trying to search the forum for the word "nothing." Just so I know that the search is or is not failing, I am making this post with the word nothing in it. After if I search for nothing and come up with ... well nothing then I know I have found a small bug that I'll pm a mod about.

EDIT OK, nothing appears in this post several times. However if you use the forum search for the word nothing you get well nothing. I'll pm dmorris about it, or if anybody else knows anything more please post it here.


18-06-2007 21:18:57


hypopseudometricbuttsecks doesn't show up either. shrug


18-06-2007 22:12:35

Well if it is indeed a but its a phpbb bug that may be to difficult to deal with. I just have a need to search for the word nothing.

Part of it could be that the search index takes some time and this post is to new to be in the search.

I seem to get results searching for nothili.


18-06-2007 22:23:41

^^ Could either be that or could be that PHPbb has a list of common words that are excluded from indexing shrug I wouldn't know, never looked hard at PHPbb source code.


18-06-2007 22:49:24

[quote2ec48272fa="ajasax"]^^ Could either be that or could be that PHPbb has a list of common words that are excluded from indexing shrug I wouldn't know, never looked hard at PHPbb source code.[/quote2ec48272fa]

That could be very well true. I just tried about 20 very common words, and none of them came up. If you entered the word "a" and it's indexed, it would probably have over 40,000+ results, and I don't think they want that )

Or another possibility is that it reads how much results there is, and if it's over XXX amount of results, it displays "No topics or posts met your search criteria". I don't think that's the case though, because when you went to search on a specific forum (one that has few posts)...it should still show, but it doesn't.


18-06-2007 22:57:17

Lets be hypothetical now. Say a person knows this and so they pick one of the reserved words for their user name. Now just for the sake of example, lets say that
[quote5d15227058][email removed] had one of his offers reversed already by my publisher for fraud, and if they caught him this quick then it is rampant and excessive fraud.[/quote5d15227058]

Now I want to see if this hypothetical person has a scammer post but I don't find it because the search excludes this hypothetical user name.

That's why I'm hypothetically asking about this.


18-06-2007 23:12:06

Try "Search by Author". I know it says AUTHOR....but it includes about half of their posts. Worth a shot, assuming you haven't tried to do this already..


19-06-2007 08:48:41

It's not a bug. The word 'nothing' is in the stoplist file, which is a list of common keyword search terms that could cause thousands of results and bring the database to a crawl. If you're searching for 'nothing' as a keyword, narrow your search by adding additional terms (using AND to join them).

If you're doing an Author search then it would work to find posts by that user, but we don't have a user with the name 'nobody'. We have 'nobody2000' which you would have found posts from if you had wildcard searched for 'nobodyli'.

BTW there is a user search feature on the Users list (top menu) that will let you search for a specific user's profile.