FLR??? who said that dirty word

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ruby tuesday

18-06-2007 16:04:09

I'm and FLR fan that has recently signed on over here. I have had little to no success here. Not a single response to any post I'v made. Yet at FLR, I had several deals in the works at any one time. But let me get to the point.

I would first like to state very clearly, that this post is not meant for all users of this forum, but rather a specific few who can be idenitifed by looking thru referred to posts.

I have read many of the posts regarding FLR, and although I agree that new posts were not necessary, I also would like to point out a few things I learned from those posts.

I do believe I have stumbled across the biggest collection of errogantly ignorant people ever assembled in one place. Before you guys all break your arms patting yourselves on the back for what you find to be clever and witty remarks putting down FLR and it's users, May be your immature minds should consider these may be people you would like to do business with at some point. You should be more careful, you really advertised your I.Q. with your "witty" remarks. As for how many newbies you'v snatched up from FLR or you'v brought over, Don't think for one minute they won't go back as soon as it's open again.
You have duped your errogant selves into thinking you'v got the market cornered, when all you'v really done is shown everyone a pathetic level of professionalism. If you have no more self respect than to post those types of ignorant remarks, than you could at least consider the idea that you may be bruising the integrity of other people on this forum.

Just a few facts that you brainiacs may want to consider,
Did it ever occur to you that the reason FLR has to go down for renovation is because of the volume of traffic??? The system has met with issues BECAUSE of all the people who use it and like it. Has it ever occured to you that FLR's system was fine, but we have outgrown it BECAUSE of it's success???
It seems to me that if you had half the business sense you think you have, you'd be bright enough to jump on the bandwagon. And I'm not saying leave this forum, I'm saying maximize your options and diversify. If you "stole" all those people from FLR, then when FLR comes back, you will not have all those people coming here, Where do you suppose all the business will be happening then???

For my sake and the sake of the good traders, people and administration on FLR, please don't take my advise because I'd really rather not see you there.


18-06-2007 16:10:00

It's "arrogant" and "you've".

But, personally, it's not the new users I have a problem with, it's the amount of "OMG WEN IZ FLR GOIN 2 B BAK UP?!?!?!?/1/1!!" threads that drives me and a lot of the other users insane.

I traded a bit at FLR too, and you guys have a wealth of newbies over there willing to do sites for cheap, but the trading system was awful.

FiPG had to move servers at one point too, when the amount of new users (referred by Project PayDay) became too much for the server to handle.

So, maybe you should look into the history of why people are being "errogant" instead of trying to scold us for it; it's not completely unjustified.


18-06-2007 16:17:22

Thanks for opening up yet another FLR thread. Nobody's upset that FLR is down now, we welcome to new members. We just don't need new FLR topics opened repeatedly.

ruby tuesday

18-06-2007 16:17:55

blah blah blah. There is no justification for errogance.


18-06-2007 16:18:31

Since you don't want to respect our rules, you don't need to visit here anymore.

Edit This user was banned not only for opening up yet another topic about FLR, but also to try and instigate flames with the "FIPG regulars".

FLR folks, we really do welcome you here.. but just don't keep ignoring rules and disrespect moderators, and everyone will be happy.