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18-06-2007 00:23:52

It seems to me that the attitude around the forum has changed lately. People seem irritable, angry, frustrated, and some are just plain mean..

A lot of it seems to come from people who post things that have already been posted before, ask questions they should know they answer to (from READING THE RULES, like good little traders) or should be able to do a 10 second search to find the answer, or people who make it painfully obvious that they have no idea what's going on, and need people to explain it 15 times over, because they can't take the time to read a few important things..

I know this won't happen, but an idea I had was when someone joins the forum, they are not allowed to do ANYTHING until they take and pass a Forum/Freebie Rules quiz. They'd have no choice but to read everything, and if they can't take the time to do that, then a lot of people would probably flame their posts anyways. roll

Just a thought that came to mind while sitting here reading all the pointless threads and flames and threadjackings, oh my..

Not only that, but the poor mods must be so tired of having to babysit the forums to make sure we don't poo all over it.

[be561ecd7a4]READ THE RULES PEOPLE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.[/be561ecd7a4]
Although apparently..not that simple..

I'm even guilty of joining in on a flame..and now I feel sheepish. Can't we all just get along, and do this right?



18-06-2007 00:31:17

are you just doing this to get out of a temp-ban?


18-06-2007 00:35:26

There is unfortunately a lot of hostility on the Internet. Somebody that would never say anything bad to your face will post some awful things. Then something that seems funny isn't always.

I try to be helpful when I can. I think something I've posted to newbies that veterans should remember as well is that we need patience.

I know the flame you're talking about and it clearly went too far when the poor person was responding to it and getting flamed more.


18-06-2007 00:44:08

[quote2b25751bb7="zdub08"]are you just doing this to get out of a temp-ban?[/quote2b25751bb7]

Sweet of you to assume so, but no.

All I'm saying is that when I came here a few months ago there were so many posts that were so helpful, a lot that made me laugh, and everyone seemed well-spirited. It's not like that anymore, and I don't blame someone for not wanting to stick around here.

But at the same time, it's hard to feel bad for someone who clearly hasn't read any rules, browsed for the answer to a question themselves, blah blah blah.


18-06-2007 00:48:59

[quote8cd0662d22="zdub08"]are you just doing this to get out of a temp-ban?[/quote8cd0662d22]

Having read the full forum that ldybug1752 might get banned for I would say that ldybug1752 was less rude then many others and has genuinely shown remorse. However, I'm not a mod and my opinion on that doesn't matter.

With that said, your post here shows the same thread crapping rudeness that many people will get their bans for.

To quote Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?"


18-06-2007 01:45:56

this thread's ironic because there is already a "don't be rude and antagonistic" thread


18-06-2007 01:55:23

This isn't really about being rude and antagonistic, it's about people not reading rules, browsing the Help section, searching for answers to their own questions instead of asking someone else to do it for them, posting about something like FLR 10 times over, etc, etc...

But anyways, have you read the thread about not being rude and antagonistic? Because you're being a wee bit rude, IMO.


18-06-2007 01:57:56

[quoteebcb107bb6="ldybug1752"]This isn't really about being rude and antagonistic, it's about people not reading rules, browsing the Help section, [bebcb107bb6]searching for answers to their own questions[/bebcb107bb6] instead of asking someone else to do it for them, posting about something like FLR 10 times over, etc, etc...

But anyways, have you read the [bebcb107bb6]thread about not being rude and antagonistic?[/bebcb107bb6] Because you're being a wee bit rude, IMO.[/quoteebcb107bb6]

Link please... oh wait. Look for it myself.


Sorry, I couldn't resist. lol


18-06-2007 10:18:03

Yes, the behavior of new members who don't follow rules and forum etiquette has been incredibly frustrating, especially for those of us who have to police the place. However the veterans who feel they can flame said new members are making the situation even worse. It all needs to stop.

ldybug, I've had an enhancement on my to-do list that would require not only new members, but all existing members, to acknowledge their understanding of the forum rules before they could enter the forum. And not just once, but on a repeating, random basis, such as every month or every 100 posts, etc. Just to act as a reminder to existing members. I wasn't intending to make it a "quiz" per se, just an "e-signature" type thing that requires them to enter something to acknowledge it. However if it isn't too tedious to implement, I kinda like the idea of posing a question or 3 requiring correct answers to rules-related questions. I imagine it would take more time than I have, so I'll probably just settle for acknowledgment.


18-06-2007 13:22:47

Don't settle DMorris!!!! IT'S A GREAT IDEA!!! I was just reading through some threads today and was wondering to myself "wonder what happened to the rule about posting "PM'd"". Seeing it from members with 90TR and more....who CLEARLY should know the rule that you can no long just type "PM'd" or "PM'd you" in a post. I think this whole "quiz" thing is an OUTSTANDING idea!!!!


18-06-2007 15:13:35

Addressing the issue impartially—even though I am a small part of the problem, and I'm not too concerned about this situation anyway—I would be inclined to say that it's the staff's responsibility to maintain order, insomuch as the mods are the only ones with the power to do so.

Newbies will ignore the rules; veterans will flame; but the staff has to enforce its rules in such a way as not to encourage more spectacle—it hasn't done so effectively.

Case in point Leaving multiple threads about FLR open 1) doesn't enforce the rules, and 2) frustrates the veterans. Letting said threads remain open whilst veterans flame 1) doesn't enforce the rules, and 2) frustrates the newbies. And finally (most importantly), leaving the staff's admonitions open to discussion (for example, this thread) prevents the former two problems from fading quickly from the foreground.

The best solution I can see is locking down all the threads that make mention of FLR (save one), temp-banning all the antagonistic members, preventing discussion of either of these decisions, and letting business get back to usual. A bit tyrannical, but it's the only way to keep tha bitches on lock down.

I actually feel embarrassed to have put so much analysis into an otherwise trivial topic, heh.


18-06-2007 15:39:07

I haven't said anything about these topics for the most part - but I agree there was 4 different threads created within 2 days and they were all on the front page. People who have been here awhile take offense when people from other forums come over and "muck it up". I do not mind FLR having one thread for everyone from FLR to come and talk to each other. I do not even mind if they participate in other threads.

But do not come over and make 4 threads about the same topic when if you took 3 seconds to stop and look at the front page, you could find your answer. I think the people at FLR would have reacted in the same way if A4F or even FIPG went down and all the members went over there and kept posting "WHEN IS A4F/FIPG GONNA BE UP?" in separate posts. Granted, some things that were said took it too far - but those people are assholes anyways.

I was banned for far less when I was "newbie" and I realized that if I was in the position I am in now, I probably would have not been banned because I have seen some long time members say some things that make me wonder how they got away with it. I was banned for saying a guys girlfriend was a ham and cheese sandwich - when I have seen people say far worse things to people.

I am not here to bash any forum or any person. I think all three forums have their own personality and the people that post there, post there because that is more like their personality. Every forum has its own rules, and if you are going to take the time to post BESIDES posting in the Trading Forum (which I hope all of you read the Trading Rules before doing so), then you should follow the rules of that forum.

And that, was my longest post here....I think.