$10.58 on prepaid visa...

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17-06-2007 15:37:55

I have $10.58 on my prepaid visa lol... What can I buy online with that? I want something cool/stupid/useful. Any suggestions?


17-06-2007 15:42:28

I have like $2 and $3 on two of mine =/

I'm thinking about trashing them, so I guess I could use some recommendations too )


17-06-2007 15:57:37

1) pay off bills
2) topup an allofmp3 / newzbin account
3) donate to something worthwhile (you can donate as little as $1 to fipg)


17-06-2007 16:03:33

The guy with 10 bucks should use it for offers and quadruple it ;)


17-06-2007 16:06:15

no, he shouldn't


17-06-2007 16:11:12

And why is that?


17-06-2007 16:11:26

Exactly, he shouldn't. Using a card such as that is fraud. Go fraud elsewhere =/

liliEditlili Admin, can I donate with my 2 little cards? I've donated a lot to you guys it seems, but I could care less donating this extra $5 )


17-06-2007 16:16:14

No it isn't as long as he reloads it before his next subscription... The cards are re-loadable. Thats like saying using a debit card is fraud because the balance maybe be negative when the next payment it due, or using a Credit card its fraud because the card might be maxed by the next subscription payment is due.


17-06-2007 16:22:48

You're not supposed to use Debit Cards. The funny thing is you are a scammer yourself. Let me grab our YIM logs from last night...

[0011] kok187 I just got a new card so I am just buyin up all the old offers I missed before
[0011] kok187 I mean ones I had gotten before
[0011] kok187 lol
[0011] xxanimalzxx ...?
[0012] kok187 I use one card and name with all the different affiliates's offers, then use a different card and name and do it again
[0012] xxanimalzxx That's fraid..
[0012] xxanimalzxx fraudli

[b6542782894]EDIT[/b6542782894] - This is for his "that's not even my YIM name" crap.

[2327] xxanimalzxx Are you from FiPG or A4F
[2327] kok187 Ya I did stamps.com on the PS3 one and never got a credit
[2327] kok187 FiPG
[2327] xxanimalzxx Ah
[2327] xxanimalzxx Name?
[2327] kok187 Gentoon
[2329] xxanimalzxx All set up.
[2329] kok187 Confirmed will be green in a sec )
[2330] xxanimalzxx )

[b6542782894]EDIT #2 lol[/b6542782894] - This is for his "$15 for 4 offers" crap.

[0023] kok187 Well thanks for trading with me even know I was a complete twit still need one for your 50 dollar was it one?
[0025] xxanimalzxx was it one?
[0025] kok187 Meant to say 50 dollars wast it?
[0025] kok187 and still ask the question at the same time
[0025] kok187 lol its late
[0025] kok187 wasli
[0025] xxanimalzxx Yes, it's $50
[0026] kok187 And even know I have been an ass you will still pog?
[0026] xxanimalzxx Sure.
[0026] xxanimalzxx Oh, I sent your $26 too. Forgot to tell you.
[0027] kok187 Thanks
[0027] kok187 okay this one is 4 offers, so might take a bit, you plan to be online for a while?
[0028] xxanimalzxx Probably for the next 2 hours or so....
[0028] kok187 okay
[0028] xxanimalzxx But their offers usually aren't instant.

liliSIGHlili 6 pics..

Oh my lilililiing god. Here are 6 pics? Want the rest? I'll post the rest.



17-06-2007 16:24:46

back on topic, guys...


17-06-2007 16:25:27

Whatever I didn't say that your mad that I didn't want to green for you, and now tou have been reported to the mod's for slander.

Edit This guy is finding all my posts and crapping on them since I turned down his offer last night to do 4 offers for 15 bucks! That is not even my Yahoo ID!


17-06-2007 16:33:08

[quote5cf5aeff72="benner410"]back on topic, guys...[/quote5cf5aeff72]

Sorry about that. I need to know the same question, and am waiting on a response from the admin...

As for gentoon, I didn't deny you. You also JUST changed your YIM name. Nice try buddy. Read up on my edit.


17-06-2007 16:36:48

What are you talking about? You need to quit spreading rumors.


17-06-2007 16:38:52

Please quit posting here. I am trying to make this back on-topic. I posted proof of you changing your name, as well as you are a scammer. Read on my post @ 522 P.M.

On topic I think I'm just going to donate to FiPG, since I love them so much )

Edited post @ 522 again according to his post below.


17-06-2007 16:46:54

It is not that hard to change text, please stop with this BS. I have PM'd a mod.


17-06-2007 17:49:26

you can buy 1 large drink from starbucks with it.



17-06-2007 17:52:02

mmmm mocha frappuccino


17-06-2007 18:12:48

[quote0692d55310="Gentoon"]It is not that hard to change text, please stop with this BS. I have PM'd a mod.[/quote0692d55310]

No you haven't... Not according to your outbound PMs anyway.


17-06-2007 18:21:54

Guys, come on.... Back on topic... What can I buy with $10.58 ONLINE?


17-06-2007 19:02:49

Check out



17-06-2007 19:13:31

[quote37b76a79ab="benner410"]Guys, come on.... Back on topic... What can I buy with $10.58 ONLINE?[/quote37b76a79ab]

You lack creativity.


17-06-2007 19:21:26

how do i lack creativity?


17-06-2007 19:34:43

used video games, used dvds, clearance books on Amazon, lota of stuff at stickergiant.com

does that help?


17-06-2007 20:27:50

send to my paypal plz email==rlolzofl@moniez.comrlolzofl@moniez.com=rlolzofl@moniez.comrlolzofl@moniez.com/email k thx bie


17-06-2007 22:12:17

http//www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2178575[]http//www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2178575 - $10.57 - leave you with a penny, although I'm sure tax and shipping will screw it up.


17-06-2007 23:30:10

[quotebde464e4d0="YourGiftsFree"]Check out


Thanks man. I'm just going to use my useless cards on this now )


18-06-2007 00:18:05

You can do the World Winner offer for someone's site then use that card to load up your account.


19-06-2007 14:14:35