stop fraud guide, what you think?

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17-06-2007 12:56:30

Hey guys I just made a guide how to prevent fraud. I know its not gonna stop all fraud but I hope it will explains the newbs about the consequences, since after seeing the video at projectpayday


made me wonder that it gives the wrong impressions about freebies, so i wrote this guide up


tell me what you guys think or what should I add?


17-06-2007 13:01:09


this something for newbs to read..

althought I dont think it wont stop scammers...

once they set their mind to scam ppl, they will scam no matter what

but this should educate newbies!



17-06-2007 14:37:07

Good concept, but damn, maddddd spelling and grammar errors.

"This is not considered as a part time job. Just because you can do offers for other users for money at A4F, FIPG or FLR this does not mean its a part time job or should be treated as one, if you are considering this as a part time job, than you should stop doing this imidiatly because this means you are doing offers for only one solid purpose and it is to get money, which than high fraud rate and scams occur."

That one made me cringe.

Good idea though.