Fantastic Four Comes out tonight!

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15-06-2007 17:41:09

woohoooo im gonna see it tonight!!!

Rise of the Silver Surfer ..... whos gonna see it?


15-06-2007 17:44:13

I'm going to, not tonight, but sometime. I have to make myself go to the theater though, which generally is difficult to do. Movie theater...ew.


15-06-2007 17:45:01

its very rewarding... get ur things off freebie D


15-06-2007 17:49:12

Get what things off freebie...?

I'm confused.


15-06-2007 17:59:19

get your mind off freebie lol


15-06-2007 18:01:05

I don't not go to the theater because I'm stuck at the computer, I don't go to theaters because they gross me out, annoy me, waste my money, and make me feel cold. That's all. D


15-06-2007 18:11:50

I saw the movie Wednesday night. Not great but if you're excited for it you may feel differently. The silver surfer has a good voice, Lawrence Fishburne. I've heard of the actual guy, Doug Jones but he hasn't done a whole lot. I posted in the movie discussion thread too if you want to know more.


15-06-2007 20:45:16



15-06-2007 21:19:01

oh Gee, please?


15-06-2007 22:17:30

man how could you see it on wednesday when it came out today..


but anyway IT WAS SWEET OK...

its the best movie Ive ever seen!


15-06-2007 22:28:22

Somebody has to screen the movies before they show them, sometimes that's me. wink


15-06-2007 23:27:17

oh yea sure.......

I do that too before DVDs come out D

by working at blockbuster


15-06-2007 23:32:35

It's very simple. You build a print at the theater and to make sure it was put together properly before showing it to the public someone has to actually WATCH IT. There were midnight shows on Thursday so it had to be watched on Wednesday. Thus I saw it legitimately and without breaking any laws.


16-06-2007 00:21:44

the 1st one sucked ass, and this one has horrible reviews on rottentomatoes . nothnx


16-06-2007 00:42:12

Just saw it.... I thought it sucked. The company was way better though, so for me it was worth it! dance <-- LOL


16-06-2007 00:44:49

[quote1ad6d8908b="justinag06"]the 1st one sucked ass, and this one has horrible reviews on rottentomatoes . nothnx[/quote1ad6d8908b]

It's PG. That means it's gonna suck. lol

(I know that's not always the case but I always tend to feel that way.)


16-06-2007 05:59:41

No, the first one was really shallow in my opinion, I'm not expecting much more from the second one. From the reviews I've read, it's just another one of those movies that Hollywood knows is bad, but they decide to market the crap out of it anyway to get the big opening-day dollar.