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15-06-2007 11:06:21

By resreaching around it looks like no one knows exactly what is goping on or how this will re-shape out.

Some report that these advertisers as of yersterday are cancelling or restructuring how they pay the Freebie Sites, who in turn pay us traders.

Perphaps I have this incorrect, and I hope I do. Actually though, becuase FLR has been down for 3 days, I suspect the people in the know are scrambling to understand where this business is jeading.

BLACK THURSDAY - this advertisers are leaving or paying out differently

2007-06-14 Ikea Vouchers (UK), Valued Opinions (US), Clash Bravia (UK), Clash PS3 (UK), Clash Caribbean Holiday (UK), TheConsumerBeat Free Gas for a Year, TheConsumerBeat Mexico Trip for 2, TheConsumerBeat Pontiac GTO, TheConsumerBeat 60GB iPod, Clash Sainsbury's Vouchers, Get Me Gaming (UK), Get Me a Ticket (UK), Clash B&Q Vouchers (UK), Bargain Network Hud Homes (C), FTD White Label, CE Harley Road King, TheConsumerBeat Eclipse Spyder, WinningSurveys $1,500 AMEX GC, WinningSurveys Lunch for a Year, and WinningSurveys AppleTV are DOWN.

2007-06-14 WSHTS Gas Card, WSHTS $1500 Target GC, WSHTS Pink iPod, EliteMate, TheConsumerBeat Hollywood Vacation, Spyware Removal Software, Flycell Flower Power, Flycell Clean Green, Flycell Clean Joke, Claim Your Vacation, Organic Bouquet, Vistaprint 100 Free Postcards (US), RingtonePublic, Paid Surveys Unlimited, amd Flycell Electric Blue are DOWN.


15-06-2007 11:07:45

I'm not sure I understand your post?

ps, FLR went down for the millionth time to incorporate a trading system.


15-06-2007 11:13:18

I do not understand either.

As best as I can gather at this point, this MAY be more than us not getting instant credits, or being able to place manual credits.

This may ( or may not ) be a case where a major network of advertisers are making an exodus from the pay for trial marketing strategy.


15-06-2007 11:21:26

-_- lol what is going on?


15-06-2007 11:28:03

I think he has hit the crack pipe one too many times.


15-06-2007 11:29:18

Don't you all know...FLR is behind all of this!!! Them being down has everything to do with everything! roll roll roll roll roll

I'm sorry...i couldn't resist...i'm sooooo sick of seeing all the posts about FLR being down and this all being connected! Those of us who actually pay attention knew weeks ago FLR would be down to put in their TRADE MODULE!


15-06-2007 11:32:04

I think this is being discussed in a topic neatly tucked away on the FIRST PAGE.



15-06-2007 11:33:21

[quote55371d521d="Money_Vortex"]I do not understand either.[/quote55371d521d]

If you don't understand the post(s) you make or points you try to make, then why make them?