This is no the place for me!

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14-06-2007 11:31:49

I have never met such rude people as this forum. I will wait for FLR to come back.


14-06-2007 11:34:53

We are not rude people, but if you are referring to the thread that was locked, it is because we like people to search for answers before they post the same questions multiple times. That's all. We are generally very helpful, and it's a sorry thing that you think we are all rude because of the fact that your other thread was locked.


14-06-2007 11:37:58

We aren't rude - we just... ok yes, some of us are rude. Like that CG guy.....he's such a poop face. I mean, SO WHAT if there are 3 threads about it on the front page. What is he? Like an ADMIN or something?


14-06-2007 11:38:12

There are two threads talking about FLR being down on this page already, one about five threads down from this one.

Why would they keep three threads open?

We aren't rude (for the most part), this forum is just so large that the mods have to lock duplicate threads.


14-06-2007 11:40:14

It certainly wasn't rude. You posted a question that was answered already in two threads that were already open and on the first page. That's showing that you think your time is so important that you don't need to look for an answer, other people can spend their time finding it or retyping it for you.


14-06-2007 11:46:19

FLR roll


14-06-2007 12:02:51

Lol I find it funny when people judge and then generalize/stereotype all from 1 thread. Oh [b162ed671c1]The Internet[/b162ed671c1]


14-06-2007 12:06:29

/me actually is rude.


14-06-2007 12:17:07

[quote5b24486d93="gritsgirl"]I have never met such rude people as this forum. I will wait for FLR to come back.[/quote5b24486d93]while generally i would agree with you..i dont ..they werent rude at is aweful rude of you to think that your time is so much more precious than theirs.if you would have simply taken the time to lokk you would have already had your answer.. justbecause they did their job by locking a multiple thread and were kind enough to answer your question that does not make them rude..maybe this isnt your kinda forum but that was completely uncalled for.. they were helpful and doing their job ..get off your high horse


14-06-2007 12:21:04

Locking before it turns into a flamefest


14-06-2007 12:57:25

[quote3352eca213="cleaninfaery"]high horse[/quote3352eca213]