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14-06-2007 07:46:15

I need lots of help....please...my instant credits aren't showing up causing me not to get paid, I have email and printed receipts and this one site showed I signed up 3 times....what to do...will someone help me please?


14-06-2007 07:50:39

You should follow the particular site's instructions for submitting manual credit


14-06-2007 07:56:44

Also, please know that in most cases, "Instant" offers are seldom instant. They usually credit within 24 hours, though...usually.


14-06-2007 08:15:19

ok thats good to know...I thought when they said instant it was like as soon as i got my confirmation. Thank you! I just want paid...lol


14-06-2007 08:18:37

ALWAYS make sure you delete your cookies before doing an offer. I also advise looking at the offers, deciding which one you want, logging out, refresh, log back in and go directly to the offer and complete it. I know this doesn't help you with ones you have already done, but it may help you in the future. For the one you have multiple signups on, I would suggest submitting a support ticket telling them about it and what you need to do to make sure you are ok with the site. The others may take a manual crediut request as mentioned above.


14-06-2007 08:40:29

should have worked with me ) i would have walked you through like i always do D


14-06-2007 09:12:04


That was the most helpful guide for me. You can replace step 2 by using CCleaner. It clears all your cookies with a click.


14-06-2007 09:24:07

or blame it on the site like a few people do lol roll i mean most evil