Writing/publishing/marketing ebooks

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13-06-2007 17:35:33

Has anyone out there written an ebook? I have some topics I'd like to write about and sell, but I'm not familiar with what's involved. Stuff I need to know

how to accept payments
format of ebook - is it worth converting to a password-protected .exe?url==http://=http:///url
marketing ideas

Any suggestions for software/payment methods? Thanks!


13-06-2007 18:16:52

Make a website and sell it on the website. If you think you wrote a really good E-book, post on Digital point forums advertising your product. People there buy E-books all the time. They have a very solid forum on anything HTML/Website/Marketing related. A good place for you to ask such questions.


14-06-2007 14:47:34

If you want an actual published book, you can make one on cafepress for free, and earn a comission on the ones you sell.