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13-06-2007 12:14:26

How do I make an image without a background? For example, I want to copy and paste this image to another background but don't want the black in this image to be a part of it? [img300137e8d6]http/" alt=""/"117/2723/[" alt=""/img300137e8d6][=http//img="][img300137e8d6]http/" alt=""/"117/2723/[" alt=""/img300137e8d6]


13-06-2007 12:18:50

Ummm, magic wand + delete key?


13-06-2007 12:40:25

[quote566b463ed1="TryinToGetPaid"]Ummm, magic wand + delete key?[/quote566b463ed1]
I've already done that. That just makes the background white. But I want it so that the only things that are even considered a part of the image are the logo and the writing.

I think it causes the background to be checkered with grey and white, but not sure.


13-06-2007 12:41:19

save it as a transparent gif.


13-06-2007 12:45:00

[quotea80b4f6ac2="gnznroses"]save it as a transparent gif.[/quotea80b4f6ac2]How do I do that? Do I have to select the text and logo with magic wand?


13-06-2007 12:46:36

lots of tutorials out there - it's called a transparent background



13-06-2007 12:52:35

Thanks- that helps.


13-06-2007 13:09:48

The checkered grey and white = transparent.


14-06-2007 14:24:45

Start a new file, with the same image size as the image you want to manipulate. Set the background from "White" to transparent. Then you can use the magic wand and delete.


14-06-2007 14:49:26

Ctrl + C, then Ctrl + N, then enter, then Ctrl + V. This will paste just that layer on a new document. Delete the background layer then.