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unknown uchiha

13-06-2007 01:40:52

I am retiring from freebies for god knows how long.

I've lost interest in freebies because of the limited amount of offers I can do and the low amount of people willing to go green for cash.

All my trades are basically completed so I'll drop in every once in a while to see what's up but for now I have to concentrate on the script for my independent film (I aim to start shooting next year, since I'm vacationing this summer) and school.

Oh and to let everyone know, I support Deathmatch coming back.



13-06-2007 01:50:56

We will all miss you! I hope you check back often and have a great life! Good luck on the script for your film, and no matter what happens, just make sure to have fun with it )

On a side note though, I'm not sure what you mean by Deathmatch (probably something that was here a while back?) =/



13-06-2007 02:32:52

You only think you're getting out. One day one of us will find you at a gas station and... http//[" alt=""/img49d2c1576f]

Seriously, good luck in your endeavors. )


13-06-2007 05:10:50

Good Luck with the script and shoot!! My son's film will be premeiring Aug. 24 in New York!! I WILL be there. It's a documentary. I know all the hard work and long hours that go into a project. Just keep plugging along!!


13-06-2007 05:15:43

Best of luck to you!!


14-06-2007 14:43:37

Once you enter the family, you never leave the family.

...You'll be back. Whether you want to or not.


14-06-2007 15:56:29

[quote7e87e0527f="ilanbg"]Once you enter the family, you never leave the family.

...You'll be back. Whether you want to or not.[/quote7e87e0527f]
lol...I tried leaving last year.
Didn't work out too well.