Foods You've Grown To Like After Years Of Hating

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12-06-2007 18:54:27

Someone recently commented on my new love of olives, and how I used to loathe them years ago. It [i84226102ea]is[/i84226102ea] weird. I couldn't even stand how they smelled, and now I can't enjoy a sandwich without them (damn that Quiznos!). ;)

On the other hand, I also loved coffee and brussel sprouts as a kid, and still do. Maybe I should be exempted from any polls. )

Anyone else do a 180 on some food or drink that really surprised them?


12-06-2007 18:55:22

Peas. Hated em for years, then one day I had them - and I love them.


12-06-2007 18:57:21

Salmon. Mmmm, so good, 'specially when it's stuffed. D


12-06-2007 19:02:11

ketchup. I wouldnt say i loathed it but i didnt like how it tasted. I used to eat at macdonalds occasionaly and i would always ask for no ketchup on my burgers but sometimes the workers fucked up and put it on anyways. I usually decided to just deal with it and eventually grew to like it.
Im a lot more picky these days and wont hesistate to raise hell
if theres something i dont like about what i order at any resturant


12-06-2007 19:06:32

Strawberries and strawberry ice cream. Used to hate the little seeds and shit in them but now I can demolish the fruit by the box. I only like the ice cream when its mixed with something else, like banana split.


12-06-2007 19:08:40

The thought of even trying steamed clams made me want to vomit a little, but once I got the courage to try them a couple years ago with a cold beer, I realized what I had been missing out on. Yum.


12-06-2007 19:12:07

Speaking of ice cream. I love nuts by themselves, but put them in ice cream and it drives me insane. It's almost on par with chewing tin foil. shock

The ultimate irony is that Pistachio is my second favorite flavor. Been years since I found a nut-free brand. (


12-06-2007 19:16:11

Probably steak. I used to hate that...a lot. I had it one day while going out to eat, and I fell in love with it )


12-06-2007 19:34:40

I used to hate oranges...Then one day it was really hot, and I was in the car and asked my cousin if he had anything to he gave me an orange.
I ate it ...and it was the juiciest thing ever...Now I love oranges.


12-06-2007 19:37:01

we all do this from when we were kids but i would say that the one thing that i have always hated and now am starting to love is seafood
shrimp -> crab -> lobster -> eel -> what is next )


12-06-2007 19:38:13

Love eel too. )


12-06-2007 20:22:30

Many many things. Expecially onions, black olives (but only on pizza), hot sauce, salt and I know there are a LOT of others that I can't think of right now.


12-06-2007 20:44:13

French Fries. I loved them when I was a kid and now I can't even eat one.


12-06-2007 20:44:49

Bananas for me. I could never get past the texture, but on a trip in college to Panama, I ate a ripe on the tree banana, and it changed my life (kind of really - they're an amazing K+ source, and I'd been eating potatoes instead, and now eat banana's frequently).


12-06-2007 21:17:40

Olives on pizza was what started to change me, Quizno's was just the killing blow. Oh, and banana ice cream is my fave flavor. ;)

As the years go on, I guess metamucil and prunes will gradually start to taste better too. D


12-06-2007 21:29:19

I used to be able to eat olives (say on pizza), but now I can't stand them.

But there's plenty of foods that I love now...liver and the way my mom makes it. Spinach is great...I hated mustard, but now I like it on my hot dogs...I'm sure I can think of more later.

Great topic...karma granted.


12-06-2007 21:33:07

(In the beginning, i used to hate cheese altogether then eventually accepted it.)

Cream cheese..... used to hate them because of the "strong" smell.

Now I LOVE crab rangoons!


12-06-2007 21:50:19

Probably green olives. I still hate the black ones though.


12-06-2007 22:10:20

[quotee019a16051="theman2005"](In the beginning, i used to hate cheese altogether then eventually accepted it.)

Cream cheese..... used to hate them because of the "strong" smell.

Now I LOVE crab rangoons![/quotee019a16051]

Crab Rangoons are amazing!!! Good idea on what to get tomorrow for lunch.


13-06-2007 01:33:07

It's not a food but I used to really like jagermeister and can't stand it now. I still love black licorice though. Olives seem to be a common one here, I didn't like them until just a few years ago. Now I get the jumbo jalapeno stuffedo ones. )


13-06-2007 02:34:54

Love Jager.


13-06-2007 05:00:12

Seafood. I wouldn't touch it until I got pregnant - then I craved shrimp, crab and lobster. Now I love it ) I still won't eat fish though

Cooked broccoli. I used to eat it raw by the pound but I couldn't stand it cooked. Now I have steamed broccoli about 3 times a week.


13-06-2007 05:01:29

Beets! I hated them before and now I can't get enough of them.

When I was little and my brother came home on leave, he was going to pay me a quarter if I ate my beets. I pretended to...leaving them in the bottome of my glass. Mom found out when she did the dishes.

Had to give the quarter back! cry


13-06-2007 05:01:29



13-06-2007 05:12:50

Sigh - Everyone says they love seafood, and none of them have tried (as far as I can tell) CRAWFISH aka CRAYFISH aka MUD BUGS.


13-06-2007 05:14:51

I think crawfish are nasty. I tried once..never again

I have to say also when I tried ooni or uni or whatever (sea urchin roe) I really liked it


13-06-2007 05:17:43

And now, I think you are nasty -)


13-06-2007 05:19:07

The seafood thing jogged a repressed memory...

When I was a stupid teen, I decided to try a cup o' noodles [i97775059a8]dry[/i97775059a8] as a snack. The concentrated taste of a dehydrated shrimp put me off all seafood for a few years afterward. http//[" alt=""/img97775059a8]


13-06-2007 05:20:50

I used to much on ramen noodles dry...YUCK


13-06-2007 05:22:17

Wow, I am lazy - but I am not lazy enough to not put water in it and stick it in the microwave.


13-06-2007 05:24:07

That was back in the day for me. I worked at a nightclub and it was easier to just munch on the brick of noodles


13-06-2007 05:25:40

Well, I would've had to boil water, so...


13-06-2007 05:35:00

I mean when I was working. I was a light tech, so it's easier to sit in the DJ booth munching on dry noodles while you're running the lights


13-06-2007 05:58:24

It's the shrimps I had a problem with. ;)

Those seasoning packets with the ramen are little foil wrapped strokes. I couldn't imagine anything saltier than salt until I tasted one of those. D


13-06-2007 09:10:06

cheese, i used to HATE cheese, well, not on pizza, or mac and cheese, i loved both of those, but on hamburgers and sandwiches and stuff, i couldn't stand cheese... but now I enjoy a nice bacon cheese burger )


13-06-2007 09:19:35

Ham....hated it as a kid, and I'm not sure when the turn around happened but my mom made sure to call me on it (grrrr).

But I still can't stand cooked carrots. bleh!


13-06-2007 09:33:52

I absolutely love crawfish. Having spent a great deal of my young life growing up all over Louisana with my sister, who still lives there, I'm quite fond of cajun/creole cuisine. My sister makes the best crawfish creole in the world (or so I think). I ate crawfish for years before I could eat shrimp. I used to HATE shrimp, and would get quite annoyed when people would claim that crawfish and shrimp taste the same. However about 12 years or so ago I was eating at our favorite Japanese steakhouse (where they cook the food and do their little show right in front of you as you sit around the grill), and the cook flicked a grilled shrimp on my plate. I got this crazy idea to pop it in my mouth, and I loved it. Been loving shrimp ever since.


13-06-2007 09:59:42

I always knew you were a good guy.

I LOVE all seafood.
Shrimp - Boiled, Fried, Grilled
Crawfish - Boiled, Fried
Frog Legs - Fried
Alligator - Fried
Crab - Boiled, Fried

Man, I want some seafood now..... especially a frog leg.


13-06-2007 13:16:45

I used to absolutely HATE rootbeer. Then I developed a taste for it when I was pregnant with my 3rd it's my soda of choice! I also hated cheese as a kid (except melted on pizza) I love all kinds of cheeses. My grandmother was Spanish and she used to make the most awesome paella...which I HATED as a kid! Now it's one of my favorite foods and wish I'd gotten the recipe from her before she died. I've tried paella at tons of restaurants and NONE come close to hers. cry


13-06-2007 13:22:17

Crawfish are good, but they're too damn small. We went camping a couple years ago and we caught like 100 of the damn things. Each one one had the filling of a peanut. Plus all the gnats were attracted to them and [gnats+butter on your fingers=disaster].


13-06-2007 13:26:43

GREENS!! You couldn't get me to touch any kind of green but now, load on the vinegar and I'll eat a whole can by myself. Ya'll are making me hungry! Especially for crab rangoon! That stuff is the shlit! D


13-06-2007 13:30:41

[quote6a0eb711cc="soon2bbriz"]Especially for crap rangoon! That stuff is the shlit! D[/quote6a0eb711cc]


13-06-2007 15:20:45


hated it years ago. now it's my favorite vegetable, beating out tomato (i know it's a fruit. shut up).


13-06-2007 15:21:50

[quote05d00499b3="soon2bbriz"]GREENS!! You couldn't get me to touch any kind of green but now, load on the vinegar and I'll eat a whole can by myself. Ya'll are making me hungry! Especially for crap rangoon[/color05d00499b3]! That stuff is the shlit! D[/quote05d00499b3]

OOPS! typed too fast and didn't read before i posted!!! gotta edit that!! oops oops oops oops oops oops


13-06-2007 15:32:41

I have heard that your taste buds change every seven years. I now love green beans and peas. I used to hate them as a kid.


13-06-2007 21:33:14



13-06-2007 23:46:38

I didn't really like raw fish before, but my girlfriend loves sushi so I eventually started to eat it more and more.

One thing I still hate are oysters. I've tried them on several occasions over the past 10 years and I still can't stand the taste.


14-06-2007 06:26:55

pasta sauce.

I know a lot are gonna agree with this one

SALT 'N VINEGAR chips. I swear the first time I tried them I wanted to throw up. And for whatever reason I kept trying them every time my friends were eating them and they got better every time until they became my favorite chip.


14-06-2007 06:33:49

This thread is making me hungry...Lucky one of the women that work here made these killer brownies and they are so rich!

Add tomatoes, but a very light load of them maybe in a sauce or something

I hate mushrooms and never will like them.


14-06-2007 12:56:30

I used to hate lettuce and broccoli but now I eat broccoli everyday. I still don't eat the much lettuce though. I still can't stand Thanksgiving food though.


14-06-2007 13:06:16

I used to hate onions... oh wait, still do. nvm, guess the time hasn't come yet


14-06-2007 14:05:33

[quotea777891e1e="secondjob"]I have heard that your taste buds change every seven years. I now love green beans and peas. I used to hate them as a kid.[/quotea777891e1e]

I think they say every cell in your body has been replaced by every seven years. Not sure that's true, though.


14-06-2007 14:11:58

Umm, chocolate. I know that's odd...but it's odd. I don't like it anymore. It's just not appealing.

Oh, and I used to hate coffee...


14-06-2007 14:23:39

It's grown to like after years of hating, not like it but now hate it.


14-06-2007 15:23:10

[quote08e7c839b4="tracemhunter"]I used to hate lettuce and broccoli but now I eat broccoli everyday. I still don't eat the much lettuce though. I still can't stand [b08e7c839b4]Thanksgiving[/b08e7c839b4] food though.[/quote08e7c839b4]

Not even the jellied cranberry sauce that comes out looking like the can? So good.


14-06-2007 16:46:18



14-06-2007 16:46:59

Broccoli. I didn't take my first bite until 2 years ago. At first I had to drown it in cheese or butter. But, now I can just eat it plain/steamed.

I also eat cauliflower and asparagus now.


14-06-2007 18:06:30

shrimp with fried rice P I luv it now


14-06-2007 18:47:37

I love all food. The only thing I have never really liked is those small tomatoes that explode in your mouth and are all juicy, but I still eat them... so I guess I don't hate them.


14-06-2007 18:54:08

Cherry tomatoes?

I've actually tagged other people by accident when biting into those. D


14-06-2007 19:01:38

My Grandma fell off a park bench trying to spear one of those things. They're dangerous I say! lol


14-06-2007 21:06:20

Mushrooms... hated them when I was younger, now I eat a pound of them raw. (yea, kind of weird...)

Sushi... I tried it a year ago and LOVED it... I never tried it before then but just thought, eww raw fish, til I tried it and fell in love

onions... used to hate them, until i reallized they add GREAT flavor to anything

kalamata olives... used to hate them, now they're my favorite olive.

crawfish... used to hate them, until I went to the local crawfish festival and ate 8 pounds by myself )


17-06-2007 23:26:18

Onions!! I hated them. My ex used to cut them into little itty pieces and stick them into food. Then after a month he told me what he was doing. Then put huge onions into our dinner and when I tried it I liked them. shock I will never like squash though! NEVER! hehehe