Have any ideas what is causing my dogs butt to go bald ???

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12-06-2007 14:14:55

I have a lot of knowledge with regards to animals and their health issues, but this one has me stumped. My Lab Bubba is continually biting and chewing on his mid section (stomach, balls and all oops ) and he is now gnawing on his hind legs and butt...he is loosing all the hair in these areas, and even has a thickening of the tissues around his muzzle. Whatever it is that is causing it is not contagious, as I have other dogs that are not affected at all.

Have heard of something like this, but it was contagious, like mites or mange...this is not the problem. Vets in my area wont give info over the phone, and a visit is nearly 100 plus and tests done and meds. If this is something I can treat myself, and get the supplies from the local feed store, that would be preferable. It sounds quite funny, but the poor guy is going bonkers and is starting to look more than a little strange. shock

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,

Margot wink


12-06-2007 14:16:32

Sigh, I do not think any one here is a veterinarian. But I can try and help. My girlfriends dog bit his ass to where there was no hair or anything. And it was because his crap was stuck in his digestive tract, so they have to clear it all out. They said it was a pretty common thing, so if the dog hasn't dropped a deuce ina while, take him to a vet.


12-06-2007 14:20:52

[quote0f22a78689="TryinToGetPaid"]Sigh, I do not think any one here is a veterinarian. But I can try and help. My girlfriends dog bit his ass to where there was no hair or anything. And it was because his crap was stuck in his digestive tract, so they have to clear it all out. They said it was a pretty common thing, so if the dog hasn't dropped a deuce ina while, take him to a vet.[/quote0f22a78689]

Well, you never know who might be on here...lol...but his poop shoot is working quite well....

It all started with the belly area and has spread.

OMG LOL I knew this was going to be a funny subject.

Thanks.... lol lol lol


12-06-2007 14:45:04

Have you taken him to a GOOD groomer? There is a gland in the anus of a dog that you can't really see that needs to be cleaned. It can get infected or sore if it's not taken care of. I wish I could tell you exactly but I just can't remember what exactly it is. It's not something that groomers advertise, but cleaning it is something that they do.

My friends mom is a groomer and from what she tells me it's something that you can do yourself, but you probably wouldn't want to. And I've actually seen it done and my GOD!

What you would do is to grab the around the dogs anal hole (sorry for my use of words) and push in around the outside and squeeze. If you do it right a nice amount of the most vile liquid in the world will shoot out the dogs butt.

Oh and I'm not sure if that is what it the problem, but it's something that could be irritating him. Usually when it gets irritating a dog will just usually rub their but on the floor or grass alot. But who knows.


12-06-2007 14:58:54

Margot...I'm sorry about your dog, but this has got to be in the top 5 for grossest threads ever...lol! I can't believe you guys know so much about dog butts shock

Vet/grooming bills suck, I know...but that's one of those things that I am more than happy to pay someone else for. Speaking of which...could it be shampoo residue? (I mean, before you start squeezing liquid from his ass)

I hope you figure it out, hon )


12-06-2007 15:31:44

It could be that his skin is itchy or he has excema. They make sprays and creams with hydrocortisone that will stop the itching )


12-06-2007 16:01:39

My dog spins on her ass in the driveway til it bleeds... Is that any help?


12-06-2007 16:02:43

[quote3830c9ba13="benner410"]My dog spins on her ass in the driveway til it bleeds... Is that any help?[/quote3830c9ba13]
Sounds like fun. I think I'm going to try that myself now. P


12-06-2007 16:28:16

Why don't you just put a lampshade over his head? or put him to sleep?


12-06-2007 16:28:31

Foaf, you set yourself up over and over again.


12-06-2007 16:30:26

^ I do it purposely.

@Margot, it is possible that when your dog cleans its ass, it takes hairs with it. I always see my cat cleaning her ass like all of the time, but I didn't really check her hairs...and don't plan on it. P


12-06-2007 16:38:07

Hey Margot! I am a LVT and a couple things could be wrong. Like the others have said before, it could be his anal sacs but not likely. usually with that, the will chew on top of back near tail, or sit and scoot across things. How old is your dog? Does he have fleas? If he is allergic to fleas, all it will take is just 1 flea to set off a reaction. Not all dogs/cats are allergic to fleas so if the other animals aren't itching, I would probably still get a flea comb (Walmart sells em for like $2) and check him out. If u do find a flea, be sure to get some protection like Advantix or Frontline. None of that over the counter stuff really works and you are just wasting your money. Shampoos provide a temporary fix but once you rinse the flea shampoo off, there is no residual left and fleas will still get on him. Another thing that may need to be checked out (which you will need to take him to a vet for) is his thyroid. Alot of times, if a dogs thyroid isn't functioning properly, it can cause itchy skin and cause them to chew. Has anything in the house changed? New animals/people coming in? Animals/people not there anymore that were? Have you sprayed anything on the lawn? Could be an allergy to something. Most of the time allergies in cats and dogs show up in the skin rather than in their sinuses like us. The vet may prescribe something like Prednisolone/Prednisone to help with the symptoms until either the allergy passes or they find out what is wrong. I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Give him a bath in some oatmeal shampoo . Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 min working it in really well. Then use a good conditioning rinse. (I like Avon's Skin So Soft) or any conditioner you would use on your own hair. Just be sure to rinse him really well so you don't leave any residue behind and cause itching to worsen. Another thing you can try is to give him some Benedryl. The dosage is 1 mg per lb of body weight every 6-8 hours. The worse this could do is make him a little sleepy. If he is licking/chewing at night, give it to him before you go to bed, that way if he does get sleepy, he won't keep you up scratching at himself. Just use the Benedryl Tabs like we would take. I think the ones I have are 25 mg, so adjust the dosage for him acording to his weight. Just remember 1 mg per lb. Hope this helps out some! (You could also try to put some cortizone cream on the places he is itching at but if he is chewing at it, I wouldn't really suggest that.) I hate to see my baby's suffering so I know how you feel. Anything I can do to help, let me know D


12-06-2007 16:47:36

[quote27c8a3d67b="benner410"]My dog spins on her ass in the driveway til it bleeds... Is that any help?[/quote27c8a3d67b]

One of my clients has a dog who will scoot for 1/4 mile on gravel!!!! OUCH!!!! oops


12-06-2007 18:01:56

OMG I have never had such a good laugh !!!!

You guy are super hilarious...Foafy? How are you feeling? In need of emergency medical attention or a shrink? LMAO

Yes, Tink, I have used...I don't believe I am going to say this...vaginal itch cream that I got through an offer, and it actually worked! GEEZZZEAMEEZA LMMFFAO!

We do have a horrendous case of fleas in the area, and I use frontline. He's just over a year old now and seemed very sensitive as he grew a bit older, to flea bites. But he has none on him at this point...I am beginning to believe that you may be very right about the benedryl, and the help that it would afford him (soon2bbriz). It is coming together for me. I am sure that although the frontline works, at times he must get bitten, and that completely makes sense....I will also try to find a good spray or cream...besides the above mentioned one...that will work for this. JEEZZZZZ lol

I do know about the anal gland and how to evacuate it...but try to avoid it if at all possible...LMAO. Yes, I did think that some one would have knowledge of this type, and thank you so much, Tink. And soon2bbriz, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed post that will surely help me! Karma to you both...in spades!

For the rest of you...I not only appreciate your advice, but also the humor that came of this...what a riot! And Bubba thanks you too! 8)

Margot lol lol lol


12-06-2007 18:41:56

OMG, Margot. I am laughing my ass off. You have definitely started something here. My neighbor owns her own dog grooming business and she said the same thing as Briz. Benadryl. She said it sounds like an allergy.

I have so many visions in my head now, I may need therapy.

I do hope little "Bubba" is feeling better soon.


12-06-2007 18:50:50

Pics or it didn't happen. lol


12-06-2007 19:34:19

sounds like it is a real problem that needs to be seen by a vet. sometimes the cost in the end is worth it considering you will be getting a professional opinion


12-06-2007 20:12:07

Is he a retriever or Saint Bernard? Sounds to me like a hot spot[=http//www.canismajor.com/dog/hotspots.html]hot spot. Take him to a vet and he'll give you some cream and a ridiculous looking cone so that the dog can't bite himself.

More info


12-06-2007 22:11:12

Am going to step into the shizzle again! Sorry for the future therapy bills Denise!!! LOL

I can fashion a cone, but he has open access to the doggie door and afraid he will get stuck! May have to though...

And I would post a pic of my Labs bare balls and butt, but might get banned for malicious mischief or lude photos...what is that called with animals and people??? As would have to have someone hold him tail up to get a pic.....OMG lol lol lol lol

Put him down? Not unless it is a last resort....bald butt and all, I love him...not like that, get your mind out of the gutter Foafy!

Thanks for the links wasabe...will check them out!

Again, thank you, I believe the allergy advice and long distance diagnosis to be correct, makes perfect sense. Right now have him taking his frustrations out on a rawhide chewy instead of his butt....

Off to get Benadryl tomorrow...will keep you all up to date D


12-06-2007 22:58:29

[quote536622bd92="TFOAF"][quote536622bd92="benner410"]My dog spins on her ass in the driveway til it bleeds... Is that any help?[/quote536622bd92]
Sounds like fun. I think I'm going to try that myself now. P[/quote536622bd92]

I have never laughed at [i536622bd92]either[/i536622bd92] of your posts. Ever. Not so much as a smile has even cracked my lips from reading your posts.

However, tonight, not one, but both of you succeeded in making me chuckle out loud.

So congratulations, and I will await the day 3 years or so from now when I can repeat this post.

http//www.lehtone.net/kuvat/smiley_applause.gif[" alt=""/img536622bd92] Congratulations.


13-06-2007 18:09:17

I am still laughing at all of this, but want to let you know that the anti itch spray that I picked up along with the Benadrly are working magically!

Perhaps he will grow the hair back shortly and not look so comically sad!

Thank you to all for your advice! Still trying to spread the Karma!

Margot, with hopes of hairy nuts, and butt...LMAO lol lol lol but for Bubba, not for me...OMG LOL

sandra habina

13-06-2007 23:16:27

Poor pup - we are laughing at his troubles. But OMG it is too funny. You guys are a riot. I am still chuckling over your comments. You nuts.

Margot - soon2bbriz is right on the money. I have a cat that does the same thing - he is allergic to fleas - one bite sets him off - and he licks and chews till he is bald from butt back and his tail looks like a rats tail. The vet gives him a shot of cortizone/prednisone and he does very well.
Now I keep Frontline on him all the time. He looks and feels much better. Oh and he only has one eye. What a picture - he is!!!
But he is a sweet loving cat. Can you imagine if we did have a section for our pets - however strange they are?? [b20450d4ef1] LOL[/b20450d4ef1]