Church of England pissed over "Resistance: fall of man&

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11-06-2007 17:18:33


LONDON (AFP) - The Church of England has asked Sony to apologise and contribute a [be1815d179f]large donation[/colore1815d179f][/be1815d179f] for featuring a Manchester Cathedral in a violent video game.

Church officials had earlier accused Sony of using the historic interior of Manchester Cathedral, where memorials for gun crime victims have been held, as the backdrop for parts of the new Playstation 3 game, "Resistance Fall of Man" without permission.

David Marshall, the cathedral's spokesman, said the church had received many e-mails supporting its stance and added that officials were set to meet Monday to discuss further action against Sony.

During that meeting, they will decide on the details of a letter to be written to Sony with four demands, including a demand for an apology and a substantial donation from the game's profits as Sony did not pay a commercial fee to use the cathedral as a backdrop, and because of the game's inappropriate nature.

The other two demands were the withdrawal of the game entirely, or modifying the section with the cathedral's interior.

The church also wants Sony to support other groups in Manchester trying to reduce gun crime in Britain's third city.

demands for a donation? hmmm....


11-06-2007 17:35:27

If I were Sony I'd tell them to go fuck themselves.

Where do they get off with these sorts of things?


11-06-2007 17:56:02

This reminds me of a recent statement from Fergie (The Duchess of York), saying that Fergie (The incontinent Black Eyed Peas member) had no rights to the name, and should do a free concert for one of her charities as penance.

In both situations, public shaming usually means they found they can't sue. ;)


12-06-2007 05:31:06

It's a fucking video game. People are way too uptight these days.


12-06-2007 05:57:05

not only is it just a videogame but the church is an image. it is a public image. it isnt like someone broken into the church and took film of a nuns room and used that. it is the image of the church. is it illegal for me to remember standing in front of it even if the memory is of someone getting hit by a bus in front of the church?

(this did not actually happen)

plus, isnt this game like 6 months old?