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Bryan R

11-06-2007 12:32:10

I am starting to get mad! I was just called by my credit card and someone has gotten a hold of it and max'd it out an hour ago. $1800!! I can not believe this. This is the fourth time in the last two years I have had some form of ID theft against me. 1. credit card max'd out $500. 2. someone in Mass. tried opened an account under me $1250 at a jewelry store. 3. someone charged $2000 to my dell account, hardware sent to someone. 4. Now someone has max'd out my credit card that we just opened 6 months ago, $1800!! Now I can not do any more offers because I do not have a credit card and am think of going with out one.

Anyone else have this kind of problems?

Bryan R


11-06-2007 12:44:23

I would get in touch with the social security office. In some cases, they will issue you a new social security number.

Bryan R

11-06-2007 12:46:56

I have tried that and they said that they could not help me. x I have issues alerts through Experian and the other two credit bureaus every 6 months.



11-06-2007 12:57:37

I imagine you can follow the paper trail and find out the address of your thieves.

I've heard of it being done before, at least. shrug

Bryan R

11-06-2007 13:10:45

Yes, I have tried to do that and have been in contact with my local sheriff's office and have filed papers but they have not tracked them down.



11-06-2007 13:12:11

Maxed out at $500?

Bryan R

11-06-2007 13:18:06

Our first credit card was a credit limit of $1000 and we had $500 and they were able to charge $500 which max'd it out.


Bryan R

11-06-2007 13:20:14

Dell will not tell me who they shipped the $2000 worth of hardware to.

Bryan R


11-06-2007 13:28:54

[quote3d7e412ba7="Bryan R"]Dell will not tell me who they shipped the $2000 worth of hardware to.

Bryan R[/quote3d7e412ba7]
Can't you call the Feds and make Dell tell you who they sent it to? Like, helllooooo Dell...this is ID THEFT we're talking about here, lol.


11-06-2007 13:36:24

Most ID Thieves buy IDs through MIRC, they then use your card to buy high end equipment which is shipped to someone, who then ships it to most likely - Africa.

Bryan R

11-06-2007 13:36:47

Yes, I have tried and even called the FBI and all I received was a brick wall. Dell said to file with my local sheriff's office and that they were tracking it and going to press charges when they caught the person. So I called the FBI and they said did have anything else to say except to say that this is very common lately.



11-06-2007 13:57:01

Maybe you shouldn't be doing freebie sites where giving out credit card numbers is common if you are on the identity theft radar so to speak.

Bryan R

11-06-2007 14:06:14

Good advice tylerc. I am just trying get referrals for the two sites that I have been trying to fill and then I think I am going to lay low for awhile.



11-06-2007 14:11:52

NEver happened to me once in the years of doing freebies...

Just contact the provider of the cards...thats BS that dell won't give you didn't purchase the order, they have to take care of it

Plus any CC company is usually right on top of fraud...and they should help you also

Big War Bird

11-06-2007 14:22:17

See if your state has a credit freeze law. This will stop anyone from getting a credit account in your name without providing a great deal of personal information.


11-06-2007 14:53:04

I've had my account information stolen and had charges twice while doing freebie sites.

My limits were a little higher though, but luckily I cought it early. First time it was about $600 in internet phone cards. Would have been a lot more buy one company was suspicious because the IP address didnt' match the area where I live and they called me. So they racked up $600 in about 2 hours.

Next time there was about $3500 in charges, but the credit card company was watching my account for suspicious activity because of the last time and they didn't allow any of the charges to go through and they put a hold on the account till I called them.

Bryan R

11-06-2007 16:16:29

My credit card called us today to ask us if we made 6 purchase last night for a total of $1800 at around 2am our time. I am up at that time sometimes but I did not. So they closed our account and are going to issue us a new account.

Bryan R


11-06-2007 20:44:46

That's good, I assume they are going to stop the charges as well?

Bryan R

11-06-2007 22:15:44

Yes they are so we are just without a credit card for a week or so.

Bryan R


12-06-2007 00:52:08

Get a prepaid for trading?


12-06-2007 05:24:04

[quote7c964991e2="darklight"]Get a prepaid for trading?[/quote7c964991e2]

Bingo. Though my reason for using Simon giftcards isn't ID theft so much as it is the scam offers.

What ID thief is going to want an 18 year old?


12-06-2007 13:25:51

[quoteda9d27c716="tylerc"][quoteda9d27c716="darklight"]Get a prepaid for trading?[/quoteda9d27c716]

Bingo. Though my reason for using Simon giftcards isn't ID theft so much as it is the scam offers.

What ID thief is going to want an 18 year old?[/quoteda9d27c716]

The kind with a credit/debit card number?