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09-06-2007 10:36:25 - a really cool site that lets you know what others are earning with your degree in different parts of the U.S./world.

Here is mine in Texas (where I currently live)

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and in Maryland

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I think it is time to move eng101

Post yours!


09-06-2007 10:42:36

Cost of living differences account for some/much of the wage differential.

UniPrize Media

09-06-2007 10:46:33

[quotee0a45c2ae8="FreeOffersNow"]Cost of living differences account for some/much of the wage differential.[/quotee0a45c2ae8]

Ya, but from what I heard and seen it is not much different from here. It's about the same or may be a little more expensive. The east coast in general pays a lot more for my field. Plus there are many more jobs up there.


09-06-2007 12:24:39

You can go to and look at cost of living differences. You put in your salary at home town and it'll tell you what you need to make in the new place to be comparable.