Best Buy Auction, Is It Legit?

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07-06-2007 20:57:07


Is this a real site or a phisher?


07-06-2007 21:03:42

You have to be a Best Buy employee to log in, from the looks of it.


07-06-2007 21:31:43

Probably does exist since we at CompUSA have CUSA Auctions


07-06-2007 21:56:50

wow. speak of the devil...

It is real, for Best Buy employees and employees of Best Buy partner companies. Within the last few days I purchased my first item from them thinking I was getting a good deal. Let me tell you it has been a nightmare so far. Whatever you do, if you are eligible for these auctions, stay away from them at all costs! The items auctioned on that site are Best Buy liquidation and rejected returns, which means they are complete garbage.

Best Buy is really doing a disservice to its employees and tarnishing its reputation by allowing dealtree to market these items with their company logo.


07-06-2007 22:19:21

What'd you buy, Foafy?


08-06-2007 00:08:03

I read through the FAQ and there are a few disconcerting points.

You cannot cancel a bid that you make.

All sales are final unless item arrives different than advertised.

The information they have listed is all the information that is available for that item.

So if you play it safe and read everything, buy only items that include all the parts and are marked Tested Working Properly, you might be able to pull off some nice buys. But Foafy could prove me wrong depending on his story.

Oh BTW I pre-ordered two copies of Halo 3 and was invited to the site because of that. I don't work there or anywhere because I was able to retire with freebie money D


08-06-2007 06:24:21

That's not FOAFY, it's JOSHBOX.


08-06-2007 09:14:34

yea, Best Buy suxx




08-06-2007 09:29:38

[quote797c5b7caa="tylerc"]That's not FOAFY, it's JOSHBOX.[/quote797c5b7caa]

Josh kills me with his avatar every time! lol lol