you never know what you'll find in your pm box these days...

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06-06-2007 16:45:31

[quotefccf0d052e="mercuryeyes001"]hi, im a new trader here.

i wondered if you could tell me how i can get tr here
since i have tr of 0, and it wont let me set it up unless i have up to 4.

im an established trader already on flr with 68 tr although i have
up to 100 right now.
and i cant do anymore offers.

do you have any suggestions?




06-06-2007 18:42:54

lol That whole thing made no sense.


06-06-2007 18:44:54

Be nice!


06-06-2007 18:45:11

Basicly he is saying he cant do anymore offers and he wants to make it so he can set up trades for cash to get his Tr up...