Splinter Cell Chaos Theory + Halo 1 XBC

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06-06-2007 16:09:19

Does [icec292e236]anyone[/icec292e236] here own Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. If you do, you absolutely must play online with me, because it's the best game ever created besides Halo. Speaking of which, lets get a bunch of FiPG'ers on XBC and play some good ol' Halo.

Who's game?


06-06-2007 16:20:41

I used to play Halo on XBC.. until Halo 2 came out on Xbox Live. Not much of a comparison.


06-06-2007 16:25:26

I still prefer Halo to Halo 2 any day. You gotta play it on XBC, for nostalgia's sake.


06-06-2007 18:46:31

I am deffenitaly down for it = 0


07-06-2007 09:22:17

Never bought it, is it better than double agent?


07-06-2007 10:49:44

Way better, it's a whole different game. Double Agent kind of disappointed me. (