I always felt this was true

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06-06-2007 10:45:02


T-REX is too big of a creature to move as fast as Hollywood depicts.


06-06-2007 11:56:34

Heard that a couple of years ago on the news. They really hyped it as one of those "they got it all wrong" kind of pieces. Truth is, we'll never really know any of it for sure. Paleontologists are not exactly unbiased scientists, you know. ;)

They get their grants based on findings, just like other scientists, but it's a limited field in which future prospects dwindle every day. You may get some med students doing research say they found a new treatment for cancer, or astronomers say they found a new planet, but there's less pressure on them to falsify anything. It's there, but not as bad as paleontology. There's only so many dinosaurs that could exist, and there have been cases of some announcing new species when they were just young versions of others etc.

This is why I tend to take discoveries in this area with a grain of salt. Even the new findings that conflict with the old as well, since without finding their own dinos, they'll under more pressure to try and screw over each other to make their mark now.

Back in the 20s or 30s it must have been really exciting, now the pressure must take a lot out of it.