Best Band and Guitarist EVER?

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05-06-2007 17:50:03

Who would you consider to be on this list?

Tom Morello is great.
Buckethead is good too ;)...just a weird ass dude


05-06-2007 18:00:58

Buckethead FTW 8)


05-06-2007 18:05:40

Best band ever? The Beatles


05-06-2007 18:12:45

Nobody has had the same kind of impact on music, the advancement of music, recording techniques, the media, social issues (at least in the U.K.) and such a broad spectrum of people that The Beatles have.

Even Chopin and Brahms were influenced by The Beatles', The Beatles (White Album) album and consider it their favourite.


05-06-2007 18:17:50

Yah ill give my respects to the beatles

Death From Above 1979

Great Band


05-06-2007 18:18:34

Yeah, but weren't they influenced by people, too ... like Bob Dylan?

I'd still agree that the Beatles were influential, but don't forget they had influences, too )


05-06-2007 18:27:36

best bands
led zeppelin
rolling stones
pink floyd
bob marley and the wailers
dave matthews band
...many more

best guitarist ever
jimi hendrix
eric clapton
bb king
tim reynolds
...many more


05-06-2007 18:47:40

buckethead is full of win.

Children of Bodom is my favorite band so im gonna say Alexi Laiho is the best.

http//" alt=""/img/njfest03/ChildrenOfBodom.jpg[/imga24de492ae]


05-06-2007 18:53:23

Queen - Brian May.


05-06-2007 18:54:15

Yah that dude is pretty good.

But like I said...

Tom Morello...that possibly god


05-06-2007 19:08:17

This is quickly turning into "list every band you like"


05-06-2007 20:03:08

best band - Nirvana, no doubt
best guitarist - i dunno, but i like Slash and Hendrix


05-06-2007 20:07:12

http/" alt=""/"61/3438/isda9.jpg[" alt=""/img17e07b960f]

trey from phish


05-06-2007 20:08:06

David Gilmour from Pink Floyd.

FreeEnterprize Joe

05-06-2007 20:32:04

Eddie VanHalen revolutionized the way guitar is played.... But I like Queen & the Police better )


05-06-2007 21:15:54

Rick Astley FTW

Seriously, AC/DC + Angus Young


06-06-2007 11:17:56

[quoteeb789ffbb0="guelah75"]http/" alt=""/"61/3438/isda9.jpg[" alt=""/imgeb789ffbb0]

trey from phish[/quoteeb789ffbb0]
I saw Trey at the Hammerstien ballroom in New York a while ago, awesome show.


06-06-2007 13:10:46

i believe it or not have always been a lil partial to stevie stevens ( billy idols guitar player).. as far as bands.. i have a FEW.. top ones that pop into mind now are danzig.. NIN.. RHCP... audioslave/soundgarden (chris cornell is a VERY good singer).. danzig probably tops my list of awesome singers.. very powerful voice.. oh yeah.. another guitar player who more than likely kicks the shit outta stevie stevens is whoever the guys name is who plays for audioslave now (AKA rage against the machine).. that guy makes some GREAT noises come outta that GEE-tar.. i tend to be eclectic in my music.. basically whatever feels right to me.. as it should for EVERYBODY.. not just cuz MTV or whatever radio station is shovin down yer throat at the time

Shawn G.


06-06-2007 13:33:36

Not sure about bands, but who I think the best guitarists are as follows

Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Johnny Lang (before he went Gospel) - Saw him live and nearly cried...amazing guitarist
B.B. King

I'm all about the blues guitar and classic rock.


06-06-2007 14:54:57

[quotee3ae0ac5ee="tinkerjenn"]Queen - Brian May.[/quotee3ae0ac5ee]

Queen is my favorite band without a doubt, but The Beatles are definitely the best band ever, for all the reasons that TSJ said and just the fact that their music is timeless.

Although Brian May is an amazing guitarist, I wouldn't call him the best. The fact that he plays Red Special and uses a sixpence coin as a pick makes him utterly badass, but it's hard to say who the best "guitarist" is. There are bests in certain categories, and every good guitarist should be considered good for having his own style, such as Eric Clapton for basically placing his soul into the guitar everytime he plays it, Buckethead for his insane shredding, Yngwie Malmsteen for technical style and innovation, Brian May for being able to make anything sound amazing on a guitar, Peter Frampton and his talkbox, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath for pretty much inventing metal guitar, Slash of GnR for his speed and accuracy, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin for being a flat out guitar god, Hendrix for the amount of feeling he puts into every note, Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold for having amazing speed, and many more like Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhoads, John Petrucci , Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Keith Richards, George Harrison, Steve Vai, David Gilmour, etc.

I love rock n' roll. D


06-06-2007 15:17:49

Guitarist Hendrix

Band Rage against the Machine, Nirvana


06-06-2007 15:37:04

Best guitarist Eddy Van Halen


06-06-2007 15:40:30

pink floyd and beatles


06-06-2007 15:54:25

Can't pick just one, random sampling
Tom Waits
Bob Dylan
Rob (White) Zombie

Les Claypool
Randy Rhoads


06-06-2007 17:00:25

[quote40c6097ba5="aviendha47"]Can't pick just one, random sampling
Tom Waits
Bob Dylan
Rob (White) Zombie

Les Claypool
Randy Rhoads[/quote40c6097ba5]

Claypool is definitely the best and weirdest bassist out there. That slap style is so badass.


06-06-2007 17:29:54

I hear the opening to My Name is Mud in my dreams.


06-06-2007 18:18:52


Bryan R

06-06-2007 18:23:45

I can not believe that only one person thinks Eddie Van Halen is one of the best. I have got to say Eddie, Jimmie Hendrix and Van Halen.



06-06-2007 19:15:00

I heard Mozart was taught by John Lennon himself...


14-06-2007 19:46:34

best band...Doobie Brothers
gutarist--so many for so many dfferent reasons--see killer722 post.

I wuld go with fender because he invented the electric-)


14-06-2007 20:52:33

Best Band RHCP
Best Guitarist I know im gonna get ripped for this....... John Mayer well not ever, but he's one of my favorites

John Frusciante of RHCP... Flea is def one of the dankest bass players ever.
Hendrix is probably the dankest guitar player ever.


14-06-2007 23:04:22

Perhaps if John Mayer could come up with his own music instead of half the album coming from somebody else.

Anyway, Hendrix and Clapton are my favorites. I would say Eddie but his voice annoys the shit out of me.


14-06-2007 23:19:45

[quotea29cff0f4c="tracemhunter"]Perhaps if John Mayer could come up with his own music instead of half the album coming from somebody else.

Anyway, Hendrix and Clapton are my favorites. I would say Eddie but his voice annoys the shit out of me.[/quotea29cff0f4c]

Eddie Van Halen? I don't think I've ever heard his voice.


15-06-2007 14:37:39

My top 10 guitarists

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Carlos Santana
5. Randy Rhoads
6. Yngwie Malmsteen
7. Eddie Van Halen
8. Steve Vai
9. Jimmy Page
10. Tony Iommi


15-06-2007 14:46:56

steve vai is pretty freakin awesome on the guitar


15-06-2007 15:04:10

[quote017ba1fee2="aviendha47"]I hear the opening to My Name is Mud in my dreams.[/quote017ba1fee2]

http//[" alt=""/img017ba1fee2]


15-06-2007 17:08:48

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