What do you do? Pay on green or Approval? And why?

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01-06-2007 23:14:26

Do you pay on approval or green? Why?
If you pay on green, what has your experience been? Have you been scammed? If so, how often? Have you been getting referrals?
If you pay on approval, what has your experience been? Have you been scammed? Has this helped you avoid being scammed? Are you still getting referrals? How?
Let everyone know what you are doing and your good and bad experiences.


01-06-2007 23:19:06

You should add an option for people who sometimes pay on green, and sometimes on approval.

In my experience, though, I think that my delayed payment has avoided scammers. I still get referrals from time to time, since I am a trusted person, but it isn't as often as people who pay strictly on green or who have overly high TR ratings.


01-06-2007 23:26:27

I pay on green...it's hard enough getting refs paying on green, I can't imagine even completing a site if I paid on approval. I've been really lucky, so far, though...the few refs who've gone red on me have all refunded my payment (except for one I'm dealing with right now so maybe my luck's running out). It seems like there's so much competition for greens right now that it's a total "buyer's market". We're having to pay more per green and pay on green to even get any attention to our trade threads. I know I'm having to offer more for greens on sites than I earned when I was the ref...and that was just a few months ago. Still, it's a fun thing to do and totally worth it in the end...and I love reading the Off-Topic threads, some of them just crack me up! D


01-06-2007 23:38:46

[quote0aa30d15fb="moviemadnessman"]You should add an option for people who sometimes pay on green, and sometimes on approval.[/quote0aa30d15fb]
Yes. I did. But it didn't post. I must have done something wrong when I added the last option. Now I can't edit it ?


02-06-2007 00:07:45

I usually pay on green but will pay on approval for brand new traders.


02-06-2007 00:41:41

I started paying on approval for newbies quite a while back because I was scammed a few times. But my scams were not just done by newbies, so now I wonder...


02-06-2007 07:26:41

I pay on green. People that pay on approval = lame.


02-06-2007 07:33:12


theres always a paypal dispute you can open.


02-06-2007 07:40:42

i pay on green only because theres too much competition to pay on approval

Big War Bird

02-06-2007 07:44:24

I pay on approval to anyone that has passed approval for me or another trader. Plus I pay a great deal more than most traders to sweeten the pot.


02-06-2007 10:17:52

Paypal disputes rarely if ever work.


02-06-2007 10:25:04

[quote298313d7b7="JUNIOR6886"]i pay on green only because theres too much competition to pay on approval[/quote298313d7b7]

me too.


02-06-2007 10:32:52

[quote89d6b65bcb="frediggy"]Paypal disputes rarely if ever work.[/quote89d6b65bcb]

really? theyve always worked for me


02-06-2007 10:35:05

[quote3e9c098bf7="turbohim"][quote3e9c098bf7="frediggy"]Paypal disputes rarely if ever work.[/quote3e9c098bf7]

really? theyve always worked for me[/quote3e9c098bf7]

Please share your secrets.


02-06-2007 10:38:06


i usually wait till the user has been banned or there are threads about him scamming.


02-06-2007 10:52:18


i usually wait till the user has been banned or there are threads about him scamming.[/quotec90b5aa2fb]
And what? You submit these links to paypal? Do they care? Does this have any bearing to paypal? Most of the ones I have submitted take forever waiting on a response and then the scammer does not respond and has canceled his paypal account.


02-06-2007 10:55:47

if you raise it to a claim... paypal researches it.

i've never lost a paypal dispute/claim. ive had about 7


02-06-2007 11:17:04

[quote16dd1d18bf="turbohim"]if you raise it to a claim... paypal researches it.

i've never lost a paypal dispute/claim. ive had about 7[/quote16dd1d18bf]
Wow! You've had a lot better luck than I have.


02-06-2007 16:47:05

All you to have to is threaten to close your paypal account..and if you paypal fee's they dont like these people ending there service and if worse comes to worse contact your cc company


03-06-2007 17:11:32

I pay on green. Who knows how long it will be before I actually complete a site. I am still waiting to be paid for my first green 3 months ago. I don't want to do that to anyone. I have had someone go red on me and they were more than willing to work things out.

A Hart

03-06-2007 19:22:53

I pay on green. I had one guy scam me and never paid me and then another guy went red on a site. I never had enough info on the first guy to open a dispute.


03-06-2007 22:57:58

I don't have much of a cash buffer to make up for people going red, so it's at [i28b9c8edd2]least[/i28b9c8edd2] on approval. Not to be an ass, just because I need as close to a sure thing as possible. Especially after being burned.


03-06-2007 23:04:40

Tholek, you do trading? Really? I don't think I've ever seen one of your threads (the last one you created is locked as of January 4th).

But I must ask when you say you pay "at least on approval", what is the "at most" option? ;)


03-06-2007 23:10:18

Thought someone would catch that...

Payout/Shipment received. ;)


03-06-2007 23:13:07

[quoted5bdad8c19="Tholek"]Thought someone would catch that...

Payout/Shipment received. ;)[/quoted5bdad8c19]That's basically on approval nowadays )


03-06-2007 23:31:45

Well, let's say when the money has been moved out of Paypal, or the box has been opened. ;)


04-06-2007 18:02:49

lesson learned again as to why i pay on approval almost always unless someone has high tr. had someone go red yesterday.
i think patience is a virtue in this community.


05-06-2007 16:25:38

i pay on green just because i have never been scammed before


05-06-2007 16:35:51

I pay on green as of now, but am slowly moving towards approval due to the mass amounts of fraud I have seen recently.


05-06-2007 23:08:08

I am trying something new, half on green and half on approval, just started so not sure how it will work, but usually it is on green and I have not been scammed at all, a few people went red, and one person refunded the money, the other's fixed their holds and went green again.

I hear a lot about people scamming others, and so I don't want that to happen to me, happens to my sister a lot, however paying less on green and more for on approval is one way to get people to wait a little while, now I am not going to make them wait a month though, even though it takes that long trying to get that last one needed, like now.

But I do think paying people should be like any other job in the real world, you work then get paid and usually it is when the pay period ends right.

Offering more money to get the ref is causing way to much competition, maybe some one should create a price sheet like at two other forums, as a guide to newbies on what they should expect to get?