A prayer please...

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01-06-2007 20:58:35

I don't know how many of you are aware, but eastern Iowa suffered from devastating tornadoes this afternoon. Fortunately it missed me, as I live right on the Mississippi River in Davenport Ia.

An F3 tornado practically wiped out the town of Grandview, did major damage in the next town, Fruitland, then weakened to an F2 before it hit the City of Muscatine.

Hundreds of people have lost their homes. So far there are no reports of any casualties, but several people have injuries. There is no power, no water, and no phone service. It looks like a warzone!

The storm sufficiently weakened as it approached Davenport, passed over us, then gained strength again as it passed into Illinois. There was tennis ball sized hail, and 150 mph winds. More tornadoes were spotted, but none touched down thankfully.

I just received word that some friends of ours have lost their home. It completely demolished it. They have 4 young children ranging in age from 4 months to 8 yrs old. All of them are safe and well, as they were able to take shelter in their basement. They are now taking shelter in a local high school gymnasium, along with hundreds of other people.They have lost everything. Their home, their belongings and their cars were completely destroyed in this disaster. They live in Grandview, the town that was hit the hardest.

There are not many pictures yet, but our local tv station is updating and I am sure there will be lots more later. You can read the story at www.kwqc.com and now videos on www.wqad.com

I am asking all of you to please say a prayer for the people of these towns. They need all the love and support they can get.

Also I am here to make a plea. The American Red Cross is in desperate need of donations to help all these families suffering after this tragedy. Governor Chet Culver has declared a State of Emergency and has called in the National Guard. If you have a couple dollars to spare, and can help, here is the link to the local chapter of the American Red Cross http//www.qcredcross.org .Theyurl==http://=http:///url are at this time only accepting monetary donations so that they can locally purchase specific items that the families need.

This is going to be a long process of clean up and rebuilding. Your prayers and donations are needed and will be greatly appreciated by everyone affected by this. If you cannot donate, at least keep the people of these communities in your prayers. Some of them had no warning, and barely made it to safety.

Thank you in advance,


01-06-2007 21:01:53

My thoughts are with the families who were hit, and also with your friends.


01-06-2007 21:03:45

Thank you! It's been a rough day.


01-06-2007 21:05:29

I was close to that storm actually. I was in the supercell below that storm. However..

All of my thoughts and prayers will be with your family, friends, and everyone else that lost their home this afternoon in Iowa.


01-06-2007 22:11:43

glad everyone was safe...will keep them in my prayers


02-06-2007 04:21:36

I hope you all get the care you need. My thoughts are with you.


02-06-2007 05:10:21

My prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.


02-06-2007 08:34:56

I'm sorry to hear what happened. Hopefully everything turns out well


02-06-2007 14:30:53

That's close to where a lot of my family lives. So far everyone is ok, but you and they are in my thoughts.


02-06-2007 17:07:45

It's amazing no one was killed. My boyfriend and I went to Grandview today to see our friends. We couldn't get close to anything, as all they are allowing in are emergency vehicles and the families themselves. Which is understandable. All the "gawkers" have traffic backed up and it's just a mess! We did get to see the rubble that used to be their 2 story house. And would you believe I walked out of the house and forgot my darn camera?? I was almost there before I realized I had left it on the kitchen counter!!!