Bite Facts

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31-05-2007 15:56:49

I thought this was really interesting. Some of the numbers were pretty surprising, given what you're "supposed to" think of certain breeds..

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31-05-2007 16:07:59

I already said my piece here[=http//]here. ;)


31-05-2007 16:59:39

That is pretty interesting, not the fact that pitbulls aren't as aggressive as they are said to be, but the fact that it scored better than a beagle


31-05-2007 17:31:24

Well I was on a pitbull page, obviously, but I posted it here because it has tons of breeds on there, and I found a lot of them to be, no, this isn't another topic on pit bull's about a ton of breeds. Do with it what you will. Enjoy.