Microsoft Surface

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30-05-2007 09:58:47

Wow - pretty slick, reminds me of that bar in Vegas - The Beatles Revolution lounge



30-05-2007 10:04:37

Agreed, saw it today. And did some secret op work -)

They say these will be everywhere pretty soon.


30-05-2007 10:10:38!!!! Thanks for that, I probably wouldn't have seen it til Winter '07 if not for you D

Minority Report much? It's about time!


30-05-2007 10:12:26

Looks very exotic 8)


30-05-2007 10:18:12

Does look SUPER cool )


30-05-2007 10:53:22

Saw what it was in a google, but can't get the site to load for me.(


30-05-2007 10:53:38

wow I remembered when some this middle aged Asian guy over at cali was interviewed about this around 3 years ago(I think in Discover Magazine) and he said it was expected to become big someday because it's so easy to use.

3 years later and I guess Microsoft bought/is paying the guy for the technology. shock

The other thing that I saw in Discover Magazine that blew my mind was almost a year ago. This is will do wonders


Basically it lets you see with your eyes closed. shock


30-05-2007 10:56:25

this is like, exactly like something i saw from Sony a couple years ago. i'd have no clue how to hunt down he video tho...

i need to renew my subscription to Discover. both that and Scientific American ran out so now i have neither (


30-05-2007 11:16:23

Didn't I see this in a movie once? It was more in mid-air though, not a screen. One of Tom Cruise's not so finer moments.

Looks cool though. Just goes back to the addage buy a top of the line computer and in six months it'll be out of date.


30-05-2007 12:54:40

Think I saw this on YouTube a couple months back (a prototype), and it looks sweet. Although, personally, I don't have 10K to waste, let alone the space for it.

Maybe in 10 years...maybe..


30-05-2007 13:00:32

Two words.

Holy shit. O


30-05-2007 14:21:39

[quote35308aa4f5="givmea1032"]Didn't I see this in a movie once? It was more in mid-air though, not a screen. One of Tom Cruise's not so finer moments.[/quote35308aa4f5]
Minority Report. I could see this tech combined with the paper-thin OLED displays on cereal boxes just like in the movie too (


30-05-2007 15:17:21

Wait, so how does it transfer data just from the camera or phone touching the screen ?

Really cool stuff though, can't wait to use one at a restaurant


30-05-2007 15:20:27

Very cool idea !


30-05-2007 18:20:14



30-05-2007 18:24:55

I love technology.


30-05-2007 18:49:55

This is amazing! ;)


30-05-2007 19:34:24

if u sit on it it'll tell u if ur fat or not hahhaaha


30-05-2007 22:11:08

Man if I had the money Id have this on every table in the restaurant

Actually I take that back, I could just use a touch screen monitor like what they use at stores with self checkout. Really whats the purpose of this?