Anyone heard of Esmee? Wait till the end

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29-05-2007 15:31:39

I've been watching this chick ever since she started singing on her webcam on Youtube. Watch till the end of the song and see what happens.


She is singing Justin's song, anyone hear how he's starting his own label? I'm thinking this girl is gonna be signed.


29-05-2007 15:33:40

Videos should go here http//


29-05-2007 15:36:45

You're a smart one aren't ya. This was more of a discussion on Justin and this girl.


29-05-2007 15:37:31

Wow! That was really good signing. Yummy Justin! hehehe


29-05-2007 15:44:29

[quotecb4828f696="hairyferry"]You're a smart one aren't ya. This was more of a discussion on Justin and this girl.[/quotecb4828f696]It didn't look like you were after a discussion, since you said to watch the video and wait to the end, hence my original comment ... Unless you meant the part where you asked if people knew he was starting his own label, but it didn't sound like that would be much discussion to me shrug

I also wouldn't doubt her being signed, either (to add to the discussion ))


29-05-2007 16:02:01

check Mia Rose on youtube

youll think esmee is nothing compared to her D


29-05-2007 19:12:50

that is american idle material if you ask me...


29-05-2007 19:36:51

eh, the thing with American Idol is you get set into a contract where you make little or nothing when you do all the commercials/shows/whatever. The contract I somewhere around 7-10 years