Green 4 Green DEAL - horrible trade ever

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27-05-2007 07:18:03

make sure you guys keep the end of your deal.... not in 7days.................. it is not fair

this is why i volunteer first, just to make sure I could do it

anyway someone with a high TR, i trade refs with..

i ended up asking for the money why? because................. it just took so long, it was my last green and I had to cash out for $480 >.< its alot of money to be just sitting around there and i was broke, i didn't want my greeners to waiting to get paid

why its not fair? well just think about it, it was a big waste of my time, I worked TWICE as hard....... I wanted a GREEN not a $24 dollars..... but I asked for it anyway because I know nothings going to happen, I couldd do someones offer and make that money, but GREEN is hard to get........

how did I know that he'll never get it maybe 5days from now he will?? man the guy is a site owner and he is working alot of sites, reviewing and approving his sites..... like he has time to do 1 green right.. he could try to find 1 green but i dont think he tried, he has good refs he could get 1 anytime

then he offers me a CREDIT on his site which im working on, which is $40 ref............... thats like Paying me for those two greens? wtf? (i did two greens for him btw) WOW LOWBALLER........ "greedisgood?" GG

IT SUCKSSSS MAN, now im working on this site at the very last minute


im not mad at him, i just thought id post this, so to ppl who plans to do it, donnt do it... you dont want to be in my position


27-05-2007 07:36:20

Whoops, I think you hit "Post new topic" insead of "PM a mod"