How does YouTube...

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26-05-2007 23:19:25

choose what videos are displayed in the window immediately following the end of a video?


26-05-2007 23:22:39

im sorry i dont trust you... because you have no TR

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i dont know (


26-05-2007 23:26:28

I want to say that it is either
A. The videos by the uploader that have been played most, or
B. The videos on the site that are most related based on the id tags.


26-05-2007 23:27:45

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26-05-2007 23:28:55

Nice...that was my third option )


26-05-2007 23:31:01

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what is that?

fortune cookies?


26-05-2007 23:35:43

[quote0db118cfb2="theysayjump"]http/" alt=""/"483/646/blogimages2006090604113bf3.jpg[" alt=""/img0db118cfb2][/quote0db118cfb2]

haha- yeah, probably.

but the option about the videos that the uploader has watched is a little more understandable, because i was watching one of my friend's videos and at the end one of my videos showed up on the list, and vice versa.


27-05-2007 00:07:37

I know that there's a special video thread, but I wanted to know if I could post a link here to a short film that I just finished. It's about 4 mins long, and I'm really wanting some feedback on it.


27-05-2007 00:09:28

You would do better to post it in the video thread, since it is a video, after all.


27-05-2007 00:13:14

Yeah, I did that, but haven't really gotten any input from it - I think because it's more of a stupid video thread, and the film is a little different.


27-05-2007 00:17:28

You could put the link to your post there into your signature, asking people go there and offer you feedback. Other than that, you could always risk putting the link to that post here, asking the same thing ... I don't know if that would get you in trouble or not, though.


27-05-2007 00:26:31

Ok, cool- Thanks


27-05-2007 05:10:04

I assume it's random. Though it also shows links relating to the video and by the same author. So it really depends.


27-05-2007 23:14:28

usually it shows related videos or videos it thinks you might want.


28-05-2007 06:20:12

[quote1d03e35ca9="puppeteer"]im sorry i dont trust you... because you have no TR

lol jk!

i dont know ([/quote1d03e35ca9]

so you wouldn't trust me either, even though I have 1 tr and have been here much longer than you have? some people have no need for trading