T-Mobile sucks at making/keeping customers happy.

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26-05-2007 16:30:39

So you know that $300 phone I got a few months ago? The Nokia 6133? Yeah, well, T-Mobile can go kiss their ass.

So, a few weeks ago, I take my phone out, and there's a huge crack on the top screen (not the main screen, but the small one when the phone is closed.) Now this is no ordinary crack. It's INTERNAL. You can't feel it. So we went to some T-Mobile kiosk at the mall today, he touched the phone, and said that the crack was internal and never saw anything like it before, and he said since the phone is under a 1-year warranty, they would replace it no problem, we just had to call them up.

So we go to the T-Mobile store, where the customer care people are right there. We explain the situation, and guy's like, "Okay, let me search the database to see if there's any problems with this phone..........nope, none." So he calls some T-Mobile lady on the phone, and she's like "Yeah, we don't cover this. But if it's under warranty, he can get it replaced for $100."

What the hell? Because I'm going to spend $100 to replace my phone that's under WARRANTY?...licoughli...right. I never did a damn thing to it. Never been dropped, never been smashed or hit. I take care of my stuff. It's a DEFECT, and T-Mobile tells me they won't cover it. BULL SHIT. cry

Would writing a letter of complaint do any good? Would calling Nokia do any good? (


26-05-2007 16:39:16

Call CS yourself...not thru a kiosk in the mall...call again and again and again. If that person can't help you, ask for a supervisor over and over again. There are too many cell phone companies out there for any of them to risk pissing off customers they could easily keep. If you make a big enough fuss, someone will come thru for you.

Good luck...though Tmobile sux, IMO...as soon as my contract is up in Aug, I'm switching.


26-05-2007 16:40:34

Yeah, problem is my contract doesn't expire until 2 years from now. (


26-05-2007 16:44:29

If you JUST signed it, there is some kind of clause where you can get out of it within so many days...look on your contract. If you're within that timeframe still, then you'll have some leverage when you start bitching to CS reps/supervisors.


26-05-2007 16:44:55

It's over four months.


26-05-2007 18:03:41

If u just bought it and came like that, u have 15 days to return it to the store and theyll give u a new one. BUt since u have a couple of months with it already and ur phone cracked, you will have to pay a deductible, which is the $100 (assuming u have the 5.99 per month insurance)


26-05-2007 18:18:10

My dad works for t-mobile. If you call, they will get you a new one with a little fuss. There are a lot of idiots there though, I recommend asking for a supervisor from the get-go


26-05-2007 18:19:23

Yeah, that's how insurance for phones works. You pay the monthly warranty fee, and if you use it (non-manufacturers defect), you pay the deductible to get your new phone.


26-05-2007 19:18:55

I've broken three Sidekicks and all have been replaced for free. Not to mention overnight shipping, friendly customer service representatives (each and every one). Uh, T-Mobile is the best in my book and I'll continue to give them my money. K?


26-05-2007 20:09:30

Hmm, thanks Veek.

It's the normal 1-year warranty, I don't/didn't pay for phone insurance.

I'll see what happens. I'll call...or have my parents call or something. D


26-05-2007 20:28:04

I am going to be going into a 2-year contract with verizon come July. The only other company I would even consider being with is Sprint, but then, none of my friends use Sprint.


26-05-2007 21:33:28

Verizon FTW!


29-05-2007 13:25:54

I have Verizon and it gets pretty good service. I use to have Cingular and in my basement I would get better service then with Verizon, but sometimes it also depends on the phone.


29-05-2007 20:58:35

Nextel sucks too.


29-05-2007 21:32:51

nextel is the worst


29-05-2007 21:40:16

[quote2533e2097e="ILoveToys"]Nextel sucks too.[/quote2533e2097e]

yea i think out of all the providers Sprint?Nextel is the lowest i got them but they have treated me right so far but i will shop around when my contract is over.