Anyone able to get greencheck to work?

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25-05-2007 19:13:54

I'm still getting the same errors. Are their any other referral tracking softwares?


25-05-2007 19:16:05

[quoteebb98a757d="tinkerjenn"]I'm still getting the same errors. Are their any other referral tracking softwares?[/quoteebb98a757d]No, and not that I'm aware of. I haven't heard from Jeremy in a little while, though ... last I heard, he had all the info he needed (I sent him what he needed), but that was a while ago. He's probably just busy with his sites.

The problem is unusual ... and neither of us could explain it (follow the link fellow computer geeks) http//


25-05-2007 19:25:07

well crud. I was hoping someone knew of something


25-05-2007 19:26:32

I do ... manually looking )


25-05-2007 19:28:53

oh shush you!


25-05-2007 19:29:55

[quotee3feaae9b4="tinkerjenn"]oh shush you![/quotee3feaae9b4]Awwww (


25-05-2007 19:51:46



25-05-2007 22:47:14

MMM (and not my name this time ))


25-05-2007 22:53:47

yeah, i wasn't able to figure out that isse with macrbucks. it's the server returning a junk response but i can't imagine why. it sends the exact same data that it sends when it checks my site, and it checks mine just fine. it checks most sites just fine actually.
are there very many sites that doesn't work for you?

(also, i don't remember if i re-released it with the other macrobucks bug fixed or not, where it was checking not not that it really matters ()


25-05-2007 22:56:25

It was also kicking back GetStuff4Free ... I can't remember if there were others, though.


26-05-2007 07:22:21

it kicks back everything for me (


26-05-2007 21:00:41

hmm, see almost everything works for me. i think even GetStuff does. Macro doesn't tho.
i'm pretty sure it's not, but yours isn't getting blocked by a firewall or something is it?
and you definitely have it configured right? your email/password, etc


26-05-2007 21:04:16

For me, the answers are It is not blocked, and my usernames and passwords are all correct for all the sites.


26-05-2007 22:27:08

Works - 123, CoT, FreePay

Doesn't - GS4F

Not sure (didn't get far enough down to check) - OGF, ZPT