Help My Friend Out?

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24-05-2007 20:02:51

Alright I don't really buy into crap that people are sick or what not and need quite a bit of money but hopefully you can feel me on this one. About 2 months ago my friend Brian left school with pulsing migraines. Now present day, he is still yet to return to school due to some obscure chemical imbalance that causes him to have migraines and vomiting. Well Brian's way of coping with problems is through music and he gets that via the interwebs. Anyways while he was moving to another room he broke his laptop screen and well needed a new one. The thing is with all the doctors medical expenses and what not he honestly can;t afford a screen. So being the pimp ass friend I am I decided to order a screen for him, and this is where it all went bad. After some dispute with the seller, he ended up winning leaving me $245 short. Now you see I could afford the first screen but not the second and I am still without a friend seeing as AIM was the only means of communicating. Now I came in contact with a company that offers the specific part for very cheap and they are pretty well known. Anyways what I am asking, I know it seems like a lot, but could anyone contribute to helping me help Brian out. I know it would mean a lot to him and if I can I could gradually pay each of you off. Anyways I just wanted to put i out there cuz I need all the help I can get.
You can contact me or whatnot or just send whatever you can (even a penny) to PayPal . I am certainly up for anything else and suggestions.

Thanks ahead of time,


24-05-2007 20:33:37

Contacted you via AIM.


24-05-2007 20:36:33

Message me on AIM.


24-05-2007 20:37:59

E-mail me Jams.


24-05-2007 20:44:28

TFOAF was very generous. Thanks TFOAF


24-05-2007 20:46:36

You're welcome. Just a thought...can't you buy an external monitor, like we have for desktops -- If the laptop has a VGA or DVI port, that should work.


24-05-2007 20:48:33

Well I also found a screen for $185 so that's quite a difference but still too much. Anything will help


24-05-2007 20:54:31

Please IM me at CustomOrderThis


24-05-2007 21:03:30

IM'ing you right now...


24-05-2007 21:04:15

added to AIM but sadly no one there


24-05-2007 21:08:31

Wish4Free was also amazingly helpful!


24-05-2007 21:15:56

I'll send you $30 hit me up on a PM


24-05-2007 21:35:58

gmario, how can i ever repay you (oh ya, by repaying you later). thanks a bunch


24-05-2007 21:43:29

I am on, what is your AIM?


24-05-2007 21:44:57



24-05-2007 21:50:36

[quote4b6c1eb42c="Jams44"]gmario, how can i ever repay you (oh ya, by repaying you later). thanks a bunch[/quote4b6c1eb42c]

Np let me know how things turn out http//[" alt=""/img4b6c1eb42c]


24-05-2007 21:55:04

I sure will.


25-05-2007 13:04:28

Prepare for some more monies later. D


25-05-2007 14:50:12

Good people here...hope the cause is genuine.


25-05-2007 14:58:36

What's the status on this?


25-05-2007 22:52:03

I payed for the new screen with the little money I have and the money you guys payed. Thanks guys and I'll do my best to repay once I pay off this screen