Missouri Weather is messed up

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22-05-2007 22:26:54

So I kind of forgot about these pics but basically Missouri weather is fucked up.

This first picture was taken on April 14 around 8 am.

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This one was taken the same day around 4 pm.

[img="55b92edde9]http/" alt=""/img517.imageshack.us/img="517/8923/dsc02350ea3.jpg[" alt=""/img55b92edde9]



22-05-2007 22:30:46

That sounds like my home in pennsylvania ... weather is great )


23-05-2007 07:35:36

That's how it was yesterday in Denver, just opposite...started out sunny and nice, ended with thunderstorms. Gotta love this time of year!


23-05-2007 08:41:03

You obviously haven't been to GA in March. 85 degrees one day, Snow showers and 25 degrees the next.


23-05-2007 10:17:23

lmao, seems like the weather we get down here sometimes ...


23-05-2007 11:01:35

Try living in Minnesota!!! shock


23-05-2007 12:40:16

visit kansas, happens all the time like that!


24-05-2007 13:56:56

Ive visited Kansas. And yeah I know the weather changes a lot everywhere I just thought it was crazy how you could see like no traces of snow in a few hours....weird.

Easy Bling

24-05-2007 16:38:08

Move to california ;)

Beautiful skies almost everyday.


24-05-2007 16:48:23

Try Michigan....We can get snow and hit the 70's on the same day in the spring time.....