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22-05-2007 07:48:52

So I am taking a may-mester at school and my grade consists of one project, that's it. Kind of scary, but I think it's kind of cool too. So I have to come up with this marketing plan for a new product or a spin off of an old product. So the basic concept of my project (I am still working out the details) is a site specifically for hooking unsigned bands up with record companies. Baiscally these bands would set up profiles similar to the ones on myspace, and regular people like you and me could get on and "digg" them (I wouldn't call it that, but so you get my point) Then once they get a certain amount of votes or whatever they can them start looking at the record company profiles. There is more too it, but blah blah blah I don't want to bore you. The point of me posting this, is since it is a website I want to have ads/banners on the page to help make more for anyone that is knowledgeable about this. What kind of options to people/companies have with running these ads...and what are the prices like? Since I know nothing about online advertising I thought I would ask someone that did know. So any help would be appreciated, thanks!


22-05-2007 12:08:13

Go with adsense(google), its pay per click


23-05-2007 13:05:23

But if I want people to advertise on MY site...I should do a pay per click type thing?

I know print ads cost per day per size etc, but I have no idea how internet ads work that is what I am trying to find out for anyone that knows.


23-05-2007 13:36:05

If you want people to put ads on your site you can use Google. You can also use an incentive thing like Admin runs (Fusioncash)...