Save the Rt. 4 Tenplex Movie Theater in Paramus!

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20-05-2007 18:48:47

Save the Rt. 4 Tenplex Movie Theater in Paramus! - Sign the Petition!

Please sign this petition. It'll mean a lot to us folks who live in this area. They're closing the only good movie theater around here...and it's where everyone goes. Please sign it!

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[I didn't make this petition by the way.]


20-05-2007 18:50:28

Closing four days from now? Nothing like waiting till the last minute.


20-05-2007 18:52:48

does the petition really works? coz ive came accrossed alot fo them and never really worked


20-05-2007 18:53:31

Why are they closing it? If it's really the only good theater, and everybody really goes there, I can't imagine what their motivation to close it down would be.


20-05-2007 18:55:13

I don't know why they're closing it. There's another one opening up by the mall, with like 16 screens or whatever, but parking is going to be horrible, and you'll have to get there like 5 hours prior to the movie starting to make sure you get a spot and aren't late. It's going to be too crowded. This theater has been here forever...since my parents were kids. This is the one theater we all love. No one wants to go to the mall's theater.


20-05-2007 19:16:06

Failure to comprehend common sense..

Business closing = Not making enough money.

Petition won't make them more money. They can't pay their expenses. It's going to close.

Petitions work sometimes for PUBLIC buildings or public momuments and stuff.


20-05-2007 19:19:47

^ You live in our town...what the hell is wrong with you?


20-05-2007 20:09:27

why do we care if your movie theater is closing.

honestly if it wasnt making enough money it was never gonna last and it will likely be replaced


20-05-2007 20:10:33

It was making enough money. They want to close it and demolish it to replace it with more RETAIL stores. Because we don't have 1,000,000 of those on Route 4 already. -__-


20-05-2007 20:13:40

honestly when i drive down route 4 i wish there was more retail stores and the movie theater was an eye sore.


20-05-2007 20:22:13

Are you kidding? You've got Toys R Us, Babies R us, GameStop, all those furniture stores, bedding stores, office stores, everything, what do we need more stores for? P Now there's only stupid theaters and one huge one that no one will go to.


20-05-2007 20:29:17

yea more stores i wanna see 2 of everything.


20-05-2007 20:31:02

[quote082565de87="Kidd"]yea more stores i wanna see 2 of everything.[/quote082565de87]


21-05-2007 01:38:15

do they show porn at that theater?

if they do, i'll sign it (you never know when i'll be in paramus)