what's the fastest payout anyone has ever gotten from

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20-05-2007 13:45:43


I know I only submitted Friday, but I'm wondering if I'm going to have to wait a month \


20-05-2007 13:51:20

I've heard they take up to 2 weeks or so. Hope you get paid quick )


20-05-2007 15:22:49

hey tink.. i dunno nothin about primodinero.. but my mentor pspparty said he got approved and paid within in minutes from giftmonster D.. i never got paid that quickly tho but he sez he did



20-05-2007 15:26:46

Hey there Tink!

I don't know about primo either, but we both know that OGF has it going on! I just got approved and paid in less than 2 hours...that's the longest I've waited for them D Shameless plug lol lol lol

Sorry I can't be helpful with primodinero (

Margot wink


20-05-2007 15:46:04

isnt this on topic )
seriously though never done one of their sites but i was paid by ygf in like 8 minutes