Can a friend do offers for me using my debit card?

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18-05-2007 13:47:20

I don't know if this is feasable or not. I have a friend who wants to help me out with offers, from his house, doing everything by the book. However, he does not have a cc or a debit card. I told him I would pay the cost of the offers, and pay him a fee to do them, just as I do any referral. What I am wondering is this
I have a card that has a little bit of money on it. If I let him use it so that way I am paying for the offers, will that work?


18-05-2007 13:48:16

sure you can


18-05-2007 13:49:02

Just buy him a prepaid


18-05-2007 13:51:11

i believe sure why not


18-05-2007 13:51:15

Thats kind of what this is. It only has $25 on it, but could do a lot of offers with it. I just didn't know if he did the same offers as me, if my name being on the card would cause a problem!


18-05-2007 13:53:45

If you've done the offer before it might not accept the CC info, but i'm not sure.


18-05-2007 13:55:08

Well this is a different card than I used to do mine. I just got this one, hasn't even been used yet.


18-05-2007 16:38:01

As long as he has not done that certain offer from his IP and the name, address, or card number are not in the offer company's system he should be fine.


18-05-2007 16:41:38

Ok, sounds like it will be fine. Thanks everyone!


18-05-2007 16:46:44

Well, I wouldn't do the same offers for sure, due to the CC# and holder being the same. That just makes it look like you had multiple account or something =/

I would tell him to get a virtual simon gift card for a fee of $2 @


18-05-2007 16:55:32

Its not the same card. It's a brand new one that's never been used. I just got it. Yes, it has my name on it, but I just activated it today.


18-05-2007 17:26:16

try obopay bro, they will send yoiu a free prepaid mc debit card with your name on it, and you can do cash load and your money will be on it in 15mins!! and FEE may varies! but most of are FREEE!!!!!!!! PM me if oyu need help setting it up!


18-05-2007 17:28:35

Actually that is the exact card I am talking about. I got mine, had 4 people sign up which added $20. So I have $25 on it, and was gonna let him use it.


18-05-2007 18:32:26

Go for it...if he gets to the CC information page and it doesn't work, then you'll know.