My Halo 2 Stats

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17-05-2007 23:05:44

So I was wandering around and was kinda amazed by stats of gameplay so I decided to write up a short synopis.

I have had two gamertags in my H2 history, they are KuDaNaT and xKuDaNaTx. Here are the links to my stats for them.


I have a total of 85,294 kills and 76,453 deaths. That is an average kill - death ratio of 1.13085

I have a total of 23,715 assists. That is an assist - kill ratio of 0.278. That is 1 assist to every 3.59 kills.

I have played a total of 9716 games.

Based on an average 10 minutes per game I have played halo 2 online for the following amount of time.

5,829,600 Seconds
97,160 Minutes
1619.333 Hours
67.47222 Days
2.249 Months

At Montana's current minimum wage, I would have earned $9,940.45 if I had instead spent my time working.

So, since Halo 2 was released in Nov, 2004 I have spent 8% of my time playing it.

That is a total of 1.0709% of my life.

This data does not contain Campaign, Co-Op, or System Link play.

This is while I was attending school, employed, sleeping and eating.


17-05-2007 23:50:18

Wow, very nicely broken down!

Makes me want to check out my own time spent on Halo 2 ........

What about Halo 1 PC multiplayer -P


18-05-2007 05:45:55



19-05-2007 00:31:43


I was a level 39 before they reset the stats back in the day. Haven't played it since February of 06


20-05-2007 00:19:56

Yeah I'm pretty sure a good 30% of my life has been spent playing all of the Halos.


20-05-2007 09:41:28

Eh, here's mine. I used to be harcore in '05 and over halfway of '06. Got to a level 44 (cresent moon) 3 times, and deranked it for my friend twice, lost it by myself once. I quit this game due to all of my friends who used to play either,

A. Cheats
B. Plays another game

So at that point, I decided to move on. Here are my stats...


I also play Halo 3 Beta if you care to look up those stats..